Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

If you are into superstitions I guess today is a good day for you, but if you are into positive thinking and being thankful (like myself), than today is an even better day..

But there's many people out there thinking that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, so today I decided to write 13 reason why I think is the opposite and it's a lucky day.

1. TGIF!!! (do I need to say more? don't think so).

2. We are all seeing another day, we are alive.

3. You are reading this on a computer, iphone or anything else, so you are lucky to have any of those devices.

4. You are reading this so you are blessed with the knowledge of reading.

5. For us here in the Cayman Islands, it's already Friday the 13th, 2010 and so far so good with the Hurricanes this season.

6. I have a eye doctor appointment, I was lucky to get the only spot available today (when I called just yesterday).

7. You are lucky that last year I did another post about today's date, so if you would like more facts about this particular date, just click here.

8. Friday is lucky, because it introduces Sat. & Sunday.

9. For me it's just like that song "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend" because it applies to me, I have a wonderful husband who is also my best friend... and I am sure, for some reading this, this is also true and a huge blessing.

10. Today is the only Friday the 13th in 2010, last year we had one on the months of Feb. March & November, so makes the most out of it.

11. FACT:  On a Friday 13th, 1939, Igor Secorsky invented the helicopter, 71 years later in 2010 we were lucky to celebrate our 1 year marriage anniversary with our first helicopter ride!

12. We are lucky that today we are having at least 2 meals, when there's some many people out there not having the same luck.

13. And the last but not least reason why today is a lucky day would be; Sunday is the 15th, so being that we get paid on the 15th & 30th of every month, we are getting paid today instead, woo-hoo!

Blessings of luck today, tomorrow and always for all!!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer crush

When I first saw you last Friday, it was destiny, I just knew I wanted you... You were the tallest of them all and very quiet, just what I was looking for.

Now you are here and I'm sleeping in so much better by your side during this summer hot months, even my husband seems to enjoy my "little crush" with you!

I love my new Lasko 52" pedestal oscillating tower fan, it's awesome and makes my summer nights, much more enjoyable, now this is a healthy one of a kind summer crush, don't you think?!? LOL

Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Death End?

"Time is the best teacher, unfortunately it kills all its students".

I think I might never get used to death, but I'm not talking about my own death, but the death of a family member, a friend or even an acquaintance.

Yesterday I found out that somebody that I knew passed away, and although I haven't seen him in years I can't help but feel sadden by the news and specially to imagine what his family is going through in this difficult time. Because that is the part I dread the most, thinking when the time of loosing somebody close to me is going to come.

But, don't get me wrong I am not scared of death or myself dying, is more about spending life without the people I love so much, but I guess part of that love is to rejoice when they are finally passing to a better life close to God. It is still hard to accept it.

So, I wonder, what will happen to my blog when I am gone? If it stays here for years after I am gone, I wonder what people will think about my life, about what I liked, if they will have things in common with me?  Sometimes when I browse around blogs that have not being updated in months, perhaps years, I wonder where the person is and if they are still alive, maybe if I leave a comment, it will never reach the author cause it's long gone...

So, what about my email account? My passwords? Should I write them down and keep them in a safe box with access only with a lawyer after I am gone? But what for? so people can see the remaining balance on my paypal account, which is probably less than a $100 us? Or so they can see all my past Amazon orders and what my wish list contained? Where do all these stuff ends up?

photo taken by me at a cemetery near Buffalo, NY

Anybody out there has any idea about any of this?

My grandfather always used to say, "The end of world is when you die", well, I am not sure, cause he died when I was 10 and the world is still around...

Anyway, just some food for thought... Have a wonderful alive Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

family or staff?

Ever heard the phrase: "Dogs have family, cats have staff"???

Well, it's probably a pretty accurate statement (most of the time), but lately I've feel like our dogs act more like felines in this aspect.

To me at times, it feels like we are here to pet them, love them, feed them and walk them on their own terms and schedule... I wonder if while we are at work, they have some sort of contact with a cat that has been given them tips on how to handle us?

And I wonder if this is the cat they have been hanging out with...

I hope not, cause he looks kinda' serious, uh?

So even though Ditto looks very innocent, I think deep down when he stares at us, he is secretly trying to mind control us...

see what I mean???

And Sheba acts all girlie and innocent as well, but deep inside we know she is just playing us with her charms so we do what she wants, when she wants it...

who can resist her???

As you can imagine it's hard to see that very thin line between family and staff, but at the end of the day it's all worth the walks, the food, the petting, the taking them to the vet because they also give us so much love and happiness that pays up like nothing else.

So, if you have a furry companion of any sort and you sometimes feel like I do, well, think of it as a blessing or just play dumb! LOL

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ocean symphony

It was a good weekend. Saturday was a very hot day, in the afternoon our outdoor thermometer measured about 110F at 4pm, so imagine how hot it was at noon. We stayed in most of the day and only went out to get some groceries and new snorkel gear.

When we came back from our vacation in Mexico almost 2 weeks ago, one of our bags never made it back, it contained our snorkel gear, some coffee, my husbands underwater camera with lots of pictures and a pair of flip flops. At this point we are trying to process full payment with American Airlines for all of our stuff and starting to look for new gear. Because we are such avid divers/snorkelers, both me and my husband, have gear for both, Saturday we went to Divers Supply, which is were we usually get our stuff, but they were very low on stock, so we decided to wait until the get more product in.

So yesterday when we went to the beach, I used a "backup" mask and snorkel (but no fins) to do some snorkeling, it was pretty hard work because the water was kind of choppy and it took a lot of me to actually manage to get down and stay down to try and take picture, so here's the best shot from all the ones I took.

Then my husband went out snorkeling for a longer time and find this beautiful treasure

Isn't it pretty? It's one of those conch shells that if you get close enough, you can hear the ocean... for real, just click below and you'll see (well, more like, you'll hear!).

See, it's just a matter of believing and it happens, for those who are far from the ocean I hope you enjoyed the little symphony and those who are close to it, remember to never take it for granted, as the ocean song is a very soothing and relaxing one.

Have a wonderful week!!! 


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