Friday, July 2, 2010

be FREE Friday

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.
Jacques Deval.

After posting a picture of some beautiful free birds enjoying the afternoon sitting on an electric wire, I couldn't help but feel sad when today I was at a local convenience store and the had this 3 beautiful parrots in these conditions

I can't help it, but things like this make me so sad... I wonder what crime these parrots committed to deserve this life sentence behind bars? How can somebody get pleasure and happiness by having animals in these conditions when those birds could be in a much better place, enjoying the breeze and the woods, while having the opportunity to be happy, free and reproduce?!?!?

I would like to see the owner of these 3 parrots in a small cage like this, spending her days staring into the unknown... Now, that would make me happy! Just kidding... but in reality if there was a way to have this person experience being taking behind bars against their will and spend time in a corner just for the sake of people looking at him/her, maybe that would open their eyes, maybe not...

Anyway, it's Friday and even though this parrots and many other animals around the planet don't have the same opportunity we have of being free or even freewill, we do have it, and this is a power that used well could gives many chances to help others while bringing us many wonderful blessings...

Have a happy and Free weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final countdown

When I was a little girl and we were going to go on a trip, a week before the actual departure date I will make sure to tell everybody that we were in the "final countdown", so today I am happy to announce that once again, I am in the final countdown to a very well deserved, long overdue vacation. In fact this will be our official honeymoon since we got married in May 2009.

So, in exactly 8 days, the 8th of July we are going to

We are going to Tulum which is located in the Yucatan Peninsula and where I lived for 3 years. I haven't been back for 6 years but it feels like forever. I miss and love that area so much and when I lived there I had a wonderful time, felt like I belong and all the locals made me feel right at home.

Can't wait to get there, see my friends and show my husband how amazingly beautiful this whole area is, we are going to be visiting tons of very nice place, Mayan Ruins, Cenotes, swimming with Whale Sharks, relaxing at the beach... you name it!

I am super excited and can't wait for the final countdown to be over, just 8 more days/7 night, yey!

Happy Thursday : )

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birds on a wire

The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp. -John Berry
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

our new idog

Since this is the era of technology and everything is an "i" something; ipod, iphone, ipad... we felt the need to upgrade one of our dogs, so now we have an idog!

 Sheba, before she became an idog!

On April 12th of this year, we participated on the Annual Kiwanis Dog Walk, both our dogs had a great time and at the end there were a few raffles and my dog was lucky and won an Avid (American Veterinary Identification Device) Microchip.

So on Saturday under the stormy weather I put her in the car and drove to the Vet's office to get her "bionic".
The procedure was very fast and easy, took about 2 seconds as the "chip" is inserted with a needle with a shot, the chips is the size of grain of rice, I am sure she didn't even feel a thing.

So as of today, look out, we have a bionic dog taking care of our premises and if she ever gets far from home it would be easier to find her!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saying goodbye

Lord, you have come to the seashore,
neither searching for the rich nor the wise,
desiring only that I should follow.

O, Lord, with your eyes set upon me,
gently smiling, you have spoken my name;
all I longed for I have found by the water,
at your side, I will seek other shores.
Lord, see my goods, my possessions;
in my boat you find no power, no wealth.
Will you accept, then, my nets and labor?
Lord, take my hands and direct them.
Help me spend myself in seeking the lost,
returning love for the love you gave me.
Lord, as I drift on the waters,
be the resting place of my restless heart,
my life's companion, my friend and refuge.
The above song was my grandmother's favorite song to sing in church. 
Today if I even try to start singing it, I get all chocked up and tears start coming down my eyes.
Today, at home, right about this time while I write this, most of my family is gathering to say goodbye to my grandma for the last time. 
In a way I feel sad that I am not able to be there with her, but also I know it is going to be a very emotional and hard day for many of us to say goodbye to the pillar of my family.

From here I pray that God gives strength and serenity to everybody that is there today to honor such a wonderful woman, pay their respects and pray for her amazing soul to be close to Him enjoying his glory.

I love my grandmother, she was and will always be a very big and important part of my life and who I am, it makes me sad to think that I will never hear her voice again, get to hug her and look into her eyes, but it makes me happy to know she is in the best of places close to God.

God Bless you Tita Lety, today and forever, I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

R.I.P. Tita Lety

  my grandmother on her wedding day circa 1940

Today is a very sad day in my life, my grandmother Leticia (aka Tita Lety) passed away after years of being in very ill, so in reality yesterday was the end of her physical life but in spirit she was gone for few years already, she was 93 years old.

What makes me sad is not only that she is gone, but the fact that I have missed to share so many wonderful things with her for the past 4 years, specially my wedding day.

Last year in Aug. was the last time I saw her, at the time she had period of lucid intervals when she would say words or even recognize people, well that last time I visited her, she actually saw me and said my name; which to me is a sign that love doesn't get affected by any strokes or diseases of the body.

But that last visit made me realize that the grandmother that I grew up with, was long gone, and was left was only a shadow of the amazing woman she was; strong will, active, caring, loving and many more characteristics that made her unique.

I remember so much of my life around her, always caring, always taking care of me like an angel.

So, as of today I have another guarding angels taking care of me from heaven. God has received Tita Lety with open arms in heaven and from there she is looking after her loves one and spending eternal life with her youngest daughter (my mom) and her husband among others that have been called by God already.

I love you Tita and your memories, teachings and love will remain with me for as long as I live and when we meet in heaven I will give you that hug and kiss I am not able to give you now in physical life. Love you forever.
Your granddaughter, 



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