Saturday, April 17, 2010






It's finally raining for the first time probably in the whole year 2010. Our little island is being so dry, plants needed it so bad, that I am sure that today they must feel like dancing. We've been having to water them every other day to keep them alive.

I wonder if plants get the feeling of thirst? If after a while of not having any water, when it finally rains they feel just like we do when we are extremely thirsty and then we finally drink a glass a water, ahhhh that feels so good!

So today, I am grateful for the rain and for the plants and animals that I am sure are rejoicing in it because of how dry everything was... But also it's Saturday and I have to work because my manager is still away so I am the "manager on duty". So I am even grateful for that, considering next week at this time I will be in Costa Rica... I do have to admit that today's weather makes me feel like staying home, cuddling in bed with my husband, anywhoo...

Have a wonderful weekened!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Power Friday

Every time I see an amazing display in nature can't help but thank God for such beauty that not only decorates our life but also brings joy to our souls.

Today I am not talking about a flower but a whole tree full of them, full of color and the best part of it is, that is just around the corner from my house.

Isn't it beautiful? These trees are all over the island and blooming to the fullest, such beauty should remind us of how lucky we are and how important is the preserve nature.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the tip of the iceberg

Yesterday was supposed to be one of two days of the week to get physiotherapy for my arm.

I am still in pain, at this point I suspect everything is affecting my recovery; stress makes it worst, computer typing definitely aggravates it, sleeping on my right side is out of the question and I'm starting to think that even certain bras affected it too!

The worst part at this point is that I've been going to physio for a few weeks now and if somebody asks me how I feel after this process of "recovery" -insert sarcastic tone here- started, I will have to go with probably I feel worse. At some point I guess I felt better but lately cause of stress and a lot of arm activities (cause of working at a gallery) have definitely set me back a bit.

So, what's with the tip of the iceberg?

Like I said before, after weeks of physio, the therapist I'm seeing at the hospital, at time is extremely rude to me, she makes me feel like it's an inconvenience for her to take care of me, and to top it all, yesterday I showed up for my 8am appointment (after sorting out the schedule at work to be able to make it) and the receptionists tells me the therapist changed schedules so she doesn't work until 9am, say whaaaaat????

I don't even wanna try to describe the feelings I got from the situation, but oh well I guess this is expected when you use public health and go through your insurance. Still, she has no right to be this way, of course I called the supervisor and complained, about her attitude and specially what happened yesterday, the supervisor apologized saying they had a computer glitch (yeah right, always the computer excuse) and that they tried to notify everybody and I guess they forgot to call me, a whole week she had to do that, I guess maybe this therapist has way to many patients to keep track, or just plain she doesn't give a rats behind!

I hate it when people make me waste time, I got up earlier than usual, left the house on time and like I mentioned before arranged everything so there was somebody at work to open the store and all for nothing... Hope today when they re schedule my appointment she doesn't chop my arm or something, wish me luck!

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Say it with a cat...

Find happiness in anything that you do today... 
Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be right there...

Well, not much to write about today... just like I suspected yesterday, I am in for a very busy week, what keeps me going is the fact that I am less than 2 weeks away to go back to Costa Rica and spend time with my parents.
As I mentioned before, my Mom is turning 60 on the 25th of April and my Dad's birthday is the next day, the 26. So, those are the main reasons why we are going. But now there's another (not so pleasant) reason, this past Saturday my Mom went out for a jog and fell, she broke her right ankle and her left shoulder, ouch!
Now she has a cast on her leg and a shoulder immobilizer,  she has to go back to the Doctor in about a week to make sure she is not going to be needing surgery to correct the shoulder part, hopefully she wont.

 Me & Mom in 2004

I can't wait to go home, give her a hug and the 60 presents I already got for her, how exciting... meanwhile I am here busy bee!

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a dog day....

The weekend was pretty fun, on Friday while doing some grocery shopping I noticed a signed about a Kiwanis annual Dog Walk which was going on Sunday morning, and I thought: (insert sarcastic tone of voice here first) "what a great way to start the day at 6:30 am, specially on a Sunday"....

But then for real I thought, our dogs would love it... So I mentioned it to my husband and he said: YOU want to wake up early on Sunday? So I said, yeah maybe I do, cause I know the dogs would have a blast.

And guess what, we made it to the walk... Got up in time and had a wonderful time, here is the proof.

getting ready to start the walk

but not without the proper good morning greetings!

after walking for a while...

for Sheba it's time to cool off, before the rest of the crowd arrives

Like in every story there are two sides of the story, so please visit my husband's blog to read more about the wonderful time we had with the dogs...

In other news:
My bosses from FL arrive today and my manager's dad passed away on Saturday, so she is leaving to Canada tomorrow for a week, so I know it's going to be busy week for me...  Have a great day!!!


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