Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pause and take a breath!

At a time when life is some times confusing, when opportunities don't come to us so easy, here I am today writing another post but considering finishing my blog adventure for good.

Yesterday before falling sleep I mentioned it to my hubby and his reply was "I heard that before!", but this time, for me it feels as if it's the right time to perhaps considering it for good.

Part of my heart is still here and still wants to continue writing and sharing about my life, but part of it is saying that life is giving me chances that need my full and complete attention so perhaps stepping away is the adult, responsible thing to do.

So, for now, I am going to go on a very needed hiatus to do some soul searching and making a final decision, perhaps once I take on this new opportunities... hopefully I will be able to find the needed inspiration and time to dedicate to this space again, perhaps not.

Regardless of my decision, I have to say that every single minute spent here's been well worth it, specially because of this space has giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing people as well as to share the world of so many amazing bloggers out there.

So, until then... Be good and stay classy!!! 


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