Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is it!

The last day of my 30 days photo challenge is finally here and to celebrate it, here's my "self portrait".

Although today's photo is not really a "self" kind of photo, because with that BIG Margarita in my hand, having a camera on my other hand will require some serious skills... So instead I had my own personal paparazzi (aka my husband) taking it for me!

Yes, in case you are wondering I HAD to drink that Margarita just so I could have a photo for the last day... It was last night at a Mexican restaurant and it was good!!! (-You're welcome, the things I do for my blog, I tell you!)

So thanks to all my readers for sticking up with me during this long 30 days of photos... I will be back on Monday because a girl needs her beauty rest after a whole non-stop 30 days of posting.

I'm off to make some breakfast and enjoy the weekend, have a good one yourself!

Sunshine : )

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 29- Black & White

I am glad life is not always in black & white, although I do love B&W photos, but lately I haven't taken many.

Here are a few actually "converted" into B&W...

Dogs, Cats & Shadows
More than just bones we are....
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 28- Flowers

It's day 28 and I am almost done with yet another photo challenge, it's been fun so far and I am glad that today's photo calls for a photo of flowers.

A few days ago one of our Cacti bloomed but this time it was an amazing spectacle because it had 4 flowers all at once..

Once I read an article about the most beautiful flowers in the world being Cacti flowers, but because they live in such harsh environments and some are nocturnal, people rarely get to see them.

Well, I haven't seem many myself but the ones I've seen and eaten (as I tried some edible ones once in Israel and were delicious) are very pretty... I believe the little Bee probable agrees with me about the delicious part!

Happy Thursday y'all!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 27- From a distance

Today is yet another holiday on the island, but this time is because the island is holding elections to change the way their leaders get elected, and since I wasn't born here I really have nothing to do with it... So instead I am home "chill-axing"!

Although I did decided to give our dog Sheba a very well needed bath, so I took this pictures of her once I finished and she was quietly getting dry in a corner of the back deck.

Sheba far, far away.... see her?

Sheba closer

There she is!
Also today in the morning I decided to make some delicious Orange Candied Peel, this is something that I used to eat as a kid as it's pretty popular in Costa Rica and a few months ago I happened to see a recipe on Pinterest that remind me of it although this time I did not follow any recipe and did them myself using my own measurements.

Last week I tried it with Grapefruit and today with just Oranges, both cases were delicious.

So, for my orange version I used

Peel off 4 medium orange skins

I would suggest you cut them in half and used them for juice, then take off all the rind (aka white part) with a big spoon. In my case today I just peel off each orange by cutting them in quarters (just the skin) and then used to spoon to take the rind off... Here are some photo of the process...

cut the skin and peel off slowly

skin off

take off the grind, be gentle and slowly to avoid ripping like mine
When all skins have the grind off... cut them in strips like these...

Now for the rest of the process... According to my calculation, use 1/2 cup of water for each orange and 1/4 cut of sugar for each orange (you do the math!), LOL!

Other recipes I've seen use a lot more water and then they end up with lots of liquid which you'll need to come up with some use for, or just dump it, mine most of the water is absorb so you should end up with pretty much none at the end.

In my case I used this type of sugar, because I am cool like that... In your case you can use any kind or be cool like me! ;)

Put the water with sugar to boil, once it's boiling quite a lot put the orange peel inside and let it boil from 20 to 25 minutes.

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to monitor the last 5 minutes because if it gets too thick the orange skins will start sticking and it gets hard to separate them.

It should go from looking like this...

To sort of this... Make sure to give it a few stirs during the whole time boiling!

Once those are done put regular sugar (I used about 1/2 cup) on wax paper and take the skins off the pot to coat them in regular refine white sugar... Or in the raw if you wanna be cool!

Pull on a cookie rack to dry (in my case about 1/2 hour) and they are good to go, enjoy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 26- Close Up

Here I am today with my dear "Rosie Cheeks" taking a little dip in the "ool", weather is been really hot and sunny...

My husband's is a "Space Duck", his name is Bud Lightyear, he is American and part of the Space Program.

Do you have a swim buddy?

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 25- Something Pink

Meet "Rosie Cheeks", she is my new "ool" buddy and she is a Pink...

Have a duckie day!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 24- Animals

Although cats and chickens share our yard, they are not really friends. In fact whenever we feed the cats we need to stay and make sure that the chicken don't eat their food, because the cats will let them...

In the picture above, the rooster is keeping it cool, close enough to see the cats are eating but not enough for me to chase him off...

Here are some more photos of our animals, taken with my new camera, YEAH!!!

Happy Sunday!!!


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