Saturday, March 13, 2010

Resident family

One of the many traits of the island of Grand Cayman (where I live) is the fact that we have tons and tons of chickens (as well as roosters) pretty much all over the island. You see them walking down the street, in people's gardens, in town, at the beach... you name it, but they are all wild!

So, since we built and moved to our house about 2 years ago we've always had chickens all over our yard and since our house is up in stilts then you see them from the balcony all over.

A while ago I decided to buy wild bird seeds and feed some of the chickens that are around the garden, but every time I would go out on the balcony, all of the chickens down there would disappear into the bushes
(eventually they would come out to eat the seeds).

Well, I guess I've been feeding them long enough that finally today for the first time when they saw me come out on the balcony they did not run away, and while I was trowing seeds at them they were not intimidated or running into the bush, they are finally used to me, now they know I'm so kind of species that is not there to harm them but to actually feed them!

Also today to my surprise we have a whole family of chickens; with a mother hen, a father rooster and 12 lovely chicks all feeding peacefully in my yard, how cool!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

melancholic Friday

 photo found on a friend's Facebook Wall

my heart floods with melancholy when I think of my cat Tica.
I miss having a cat.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road or trail?

Not sure which one I am on right now? I should be on the road to recovery but sometimes it just feels more like a trail, one of those where you sure need to carry a "machete" in case you have to clear of the path off some bush that makes you loose your trail.
Of course with my arm situation it's not very likely I can even manage a machete, so that's probably why I feel kind of losing the trail from time to time...Some days I feel pretty good with my arm pain, but then I go to be and I sleep very uncomfortably, from one side to the other, sleeping on my back with a pillow under my legs and always trying to relax my arm.
It sucks having all this problems and also the fact that I can't really exercise much because my arm takes a big toll on my afterward, what to do then? Well, yesterday was my first official physical therapy appointment, and other than getting this big, heavy and hot load of stuff on my back for 15 min, the girl asked me a million questions and then taped (literally) my back under my neck area as well as my arm.
According to the therapist, the tape applied over muscles helps to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion.
So my arm kind looks like this today:

This is supposed to take water and stay on until my next appointment next Tuesday.Unfortunately is already peeling off in some areas...
Hopefully soon I'm going to feel like I am not only "on the road" to recovery, but more like on a freeway riding like a dog looking out on the window, feeling the air my ears flapping with the wind and mostly feeling GOOD!!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy me

As of Sunday afternoon there is a new and improved version of me walking on this earth.

I am a much happier and much more grateful woman, wife, friend and specially sister. My brother and sister in law are finally residents of the same island as me, and although they are going to live in the other opposite extreme of the island, we are now just about 45min or a local phone call away. And as my husband will say, I am a BIG family person... so, yep I AM HAPPY!

 Mau & Gaylene arrived on Sunday March 7th

Now, if only any of my blogger friend will come visit I can be even happier.... LOL!


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