Saturday, October 23, 2010

Numbers, numbers, numbers...

In high school I was never good at math, in fact I sucked at it. I pretty much struggled during the whole time to get good grades on the subject, so my Mom had a tutor for me one an off and I managed to pass every year, Thanks Mom!

Then I graduated, went to college (for something that wasn't at all related to numbers). Life went one and now when I think about the hard times I went through in high school trying to understand math and specially algebra, I realize now, I don't use about 95 percent of what I learned.... But numbers, those are still around, in everything, every day and at every hours.

We need numbers pretty much for anything; so you can read time, dial a telephone number, add up your money, (expenses or savings if any!), to use a computer, to pay for things at the store, to get paid the correct amount, to ask your boss for a raise... you name it.

Oh, but also you need numbers to keep track of your weight, yuck! Did I mentioned I've been on a diet for about a week and half? I've lost about 4 pounds so far and I will like to loose at least 6 more.

The main reason I want to loose the weight is because I gained it while on vacation in July (10 WHOLE pounds), plus if I am 10 pounds lighter everything fits me better and I feel better as well.

Haven't you notice that when you put on weight everything makes you tired? I hate that... It's even hard to breath.

The problem with me nowadays is that I cannot exercise, after I came back from Mexico in July I had some sort of back spasm that after a CT Scan it revealed that I have something called a Bulging Disk in my lower back, so I have been going to physio and finally now starting to do some exercises but nothing major.

So, because of this condition my numbers on the scale are taking even longer to go down and for the very first time in my life and I'm starting to reach back to math and actually keeping track of the calories I eat every day, hoping this method will help me loose the rest of the pounds. I am trying to eat balanced meals, healthy snacks and drink lots of water (I always do so don't have a problem with that)...

Oh! I am also replacing one cup of coffee a day with some green tea... Soon I'll be picture perfect!!!

SMILE, it's Saturday!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Off

Today I am home and not working, I will working tomorrow 9am to 3pm instead and then having Sunday off again, so it's a split weekend for me.

Usually I am pretty o.k. with work changing my schedule, specially because they are very good about accommodating ours if needed, like next weekend that I'm fling back home and they are giving me Monday off....

Today I have a few things on schedule;

First; I am coloring my hair because I am sort of getting a little gray "tiara" around my head and with this wedding thing coming up even though I will be wearing silver shoes, hand bag and "bling,bling" I think the tiara is just too much accessorizing, LOL!

Second; need to take the dress I going to be wearing to my cousin's wedding next week, to the cleaners.

Here's a picture of me wearing my awesome Calvin Klein dress, I took a picture the on Sunday when it finally fit me again (after being on a diet for some days now (hence the double chin).... still on a diet!). I want to still loose a couple of more pounds so then it fits even better...
Also today I need to go shopping for a wedding gift, I already have some idea of what I'm getting them so it should be pretty easy.

Well, that should be all for today my Friday Off, weather is on and off nice because of the very indecisive Tropical Storm Richard that is hanging around the Caribbean with not apparent path yet, hope it's not coming towards us or threading any other land.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

orange u lovely?

Well, it's time again for another Window Shopping Wednesday and today I have an orange heart, because it's October, it's fall (somewhere else, although not here in the Caribbean) and because I've always liked orange...

My kitchen would be a much nicer place if I had this vintage plates to serve some delicious salads...

And this Salt & Pepper shakers are a "mush" have....

Besides those beautiful finds for my kitchen, I found some other stuff that I would love to own and wear, like this sexy piece of swimwear (but first I might need a new and improved body for it).

I'm also loving this dress; a simple, fresh look that would be perfect to just lounge around the house on the weekends.

 Now, what about accessories?

vintage ring

I've always loved flowers in my hair but how about this beautiful headband, would love to have one for my hair!

 And I can always use a new bag, like this funky one...

Anyway, I love orange and any or all of these items will be fabulous to own... orange u going to agree??

Happy Wednesday!

all images from 
email me if you'll like exact location of any item

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am very excited because my cousin is getting married at the end of the month and I am going back home for the wedding. It's going to be a super short visit from Friday to Monday, but oh well, at least I will get to spend two full days with my family and hopefully some friends.

For the wedding I will be wearing a fabulous Calvin Klein navy blue satin dress (picture later) and I would love to buy this hand bag to go with it...


Unfortunately when you live in a place like the Caribbean ordering things take a while, so I will not have enough time to get it before the wedding. But isn't it cute? I think I might get it for later, I specially love the fact that no foxes were harm in the making of it, LOL!

This morning I woke up thinking it's Wed. and just now realized we are not even there yet...

In other news, there's some kind we weather thing forming off the coast of Nicaragua so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't develop into anything coming out way, like Philippines that wasn't were lucky this week and got hit by Cat. 5 Typhoon Megi, yikes! God bless us all and protect us from that crazy weather.

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

DO NOT feed the fish...

The weekend was nice and the weather beautiful, on Sat. we went snorkeling to a place call Cemetery Reef close to were we used to live, it was nice but the fish were harassing us (specially the Sergent Major).

On the snorkeling 101 course I believe the number one rule should be: DO NOT FEED THE FISH!

Well, I guess some snorkelers have overlooked that rule and being feeling them, so now when they see people all the think about is; food!, food!, food! and they get all over you... Here's the proof of how close they get to you.

And in the following short video you can see how close they get to the camera and then I manage to scare them away with my fins, then you'll see how many really are around me... My husband wasn't as lucky as me, as he got bitten by another type of fish which is also around and gets all over you, ck out his post yesterday, click here (not recommended if you don't like to see blood!).

Pretty crazy, uh? but mostly sad and scary how humans can change the behavior of animals so easily, the worst part is that people don't realize the huge impact small things like these can affect them... more about this issue later.

Now, is off to work. Have a wonderful week!


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