Saturday, May 7, 2011

Satisfy my Soul

Yesterday's concert of The Wailers was simply AWESOME. I danced and sang my heart and soul away.

Also I was wearing my Bob Marley- Satisfy My Soul T-shirt and they even played that song as well as my favorite Bob song of all time "Songs of Freedom"... so they made it even more special, at least for me.

Last night event proved, that even if Mr. Marley is long gone from this physical life, his music, lyrics and believes, still live in the hearts and soul of many people. Those of us that share and understand the realities of this world, of the human nature and how well he was able to express such much of those realities through his music.

Here's a little video I took yesterday while dancing- before you watch it I have to apologize that at time it moves a lot, it was I just couldn't help to move to the awesome music!

Here are also a few more pictures of the night...

our crew at the beginning of the night

my brother and sis in law

Us with Mr. Bob in the t-shirt

I wanna jammin' with you

Satisfy my soul

Irie Mon'
at the end of the night...
In other news... Today is Day 62 of my photo challenge and it calls for- A picture of the last place to traveled to.
The last place I traveled to was back in Feb. when I went to Miami to work the Boat Show as well as the Coconut Grove Art Festival.

Well, that's all for today... Have a great day!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

feels like yesterday

Photo Challenge Day 61- School Class Picture.

It feels like yesterday that I took this picture, but oh well, who am I trying to fool? It's already been 16 years since I graduated from high school. Although I can say that I still feel pretty young.

So, what do you think, have I changed much??? -Funny thing is that I was even wearing eyeliner in this picture and nowadays I barely wear any makeup at all... Oooh to be young, LOL!

In other news, tonight is The Wailers in concert and we are going to be there, can't wait to jam to their tunes and have a great time... Will take some picture to share!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

excited for 60

Yes, it is true, today is Day #60 of the 100 day photo challenge... now there's really less days to go than days I've posted.

Today's challenge is- A picture of something you are excited about.

Well, I am excited that tomorrow is Friday and I will have a 2 days weekend for the first time in a few weeks, the manager is back from her holiday so I don't have to cover her shifts on Saturday.

But, that's not all I am excited about, this weekend is Batabano Carnival so to kick off the celebrations tomorrow night The Wailer are going to be here in concert and we are going!!!

our ticket to the concert!

How awesome is that?

I am pretty happy and looking forward to see the one group that played with my favorite singer of all time. And although the most important member of the group Mr. Robert Nesta Marley, is physically long gone from this life, I am sure his spirit will be all around us that night!!!

So, yeah, that's what I am very excited about... Are you excited about anything special today?

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dis & dat random

I continue to have random event with my eyes, they are swollen one day and not the following, some days it's the right eye, others the left, some times they are swollen right on the eyelashes area and others the top of my eyelid between the eyes and the eyebrows.

Well, yesterday I went to see yet another dermatologist, I feel that the whole consultation when very well, he was a nice doctor, very receptive about what I needed to say and explained my situation as best as possible.

After listening to my recall of the issues, he believes that what I have is (besides a very mild case of eczema) contact dermatitis. So, in order to find out what I am allergic to, he decided right there and then to give me a patch allergy test, which involves the placement of various chemicals onto the skin, so he taped my back with some special paper tape. I have to keep the tapes for 2 days and then on Friday I will get a reading of what could be affecting me... will share my results eventually.

In another note, today's photo challenge is day 59 and it calls for- A picture a random item that you own.

Since yesterday I wrote about how much I love animals and being that one of my many favorites is the Seahorse, today I want to share a lovely silver Seahorse figurine that my husband gave me a few year back.

Isn't it pretty? I love it... Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i heart animals

Photo Challenge Day 58- A picture of your favorite animal.

Now, that's easy, my favorite animals are DOGS!

Naaah... wait a minute, CATS!

Oh wait, not sure... maybe it's POLAR BEARS!

Mmhhhh, actually, maybe it's cute little LAMBS!

but, I also love COWS!

and I think CHAMELEON are pretty amazing creatures too!

Now, if I'm taking birds, then I really love WOODPECKERS (specially the ones that visits my back yard!).

Now, I also have a very special place in my heart (and skin- as a tattoo) of an amazingly beautiful animal, a SEAHORSE!

As well his somewhat relative, the unbelievably beautiful and exotic looking LEAFY SEA DRAGON...

Well, I guess that wasn't as easy as I thought... my point is I love animals and each one of them have a specially place in my heart!!!

What's your favorite animal?

Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

holiday, celebrate!

Day 57 on my photo challenge is- A photo of your favorite holiday.

Well, I do not have one, and that's mainly because most holidays that have lost their "mojo" a.k.a. their meaning, so I don't really a favorite one.

But if I am to choose one, I guess because of the meaning, I choose Thanksgiving, this Holiday is not really part of my Costarican culture but I just find it very important and vital in life to be able to give thanks at all times, so a day design just for that is got to be my favorite one!

As I mentioned yesterday, today is our anniversary, so tonight we are going out to celebrate. We are having dinner at a posh restaurant located at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the name of the restaurant is "7 Prime Cuts & Sunsets", this will be another year that we celebrate doing something we've never done before... Looking forward to a romantic dinner with my amazing man!

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 729

Today is the 56th day of posting a photo for the photo challenge, and in today's case it requires to post- A picture of something that makes me happy.

Well, today marks the 729 day of us being married and something that makes me very happy is that tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary!!!!
We got married on beautiful Saturday afternoon, May 2nd, 2009. In front of the sea (that we both love so much), in front of our family and friends, and specially in front of each other; we declared our love, commitment, respect, support and friendship; both of us together for as long as we both shall live.

Of course love and marriage is never a fairy tale. Love changes and evolves constantly, there are times were we need to add a little effort to daily living but it is always worth it, as long we are true to ourselves and each other.
So, yes, being married to a wonderful man makes me happy, he makes life much beautiful and enjoyable, our life together is great and I love him with all my heart!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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