Friday, November 20, 2009


it's Friday! Can you see me jumping with joy?

Well, that picture was really taken last Sunday when I was the beach, jumping with joy cause I was at the beach and it was Sunday... but I figure the picture can be used towards any kind of reason for jumping, even for "shooting at the sky", LOL!

This weekend I'm a single wife, my husband is going away to Cuba to a Cigar Event and even though I was invited I'm not really that much into smoking cigars, but my dad is, so I invited him and paid his ticket from Costa Rica to Cuba so he can come, meet my husband and have a cigar weekend with him... Oh man, I'm such a great wife and daughter!!!

So, I got the weekend all to myself... WOW, what I'm I going to do??? Nails, nursery, get a new dress for a work event in December, hang out with the dogs, maybe catch a chick flick, watch the farewell fireworks of Pirates Week on Saturday night with friends, go to the movies... and then on Sunday get my husband at the airport, cuddle up and enjoy the end of the weekend.... Sounds like a plan!

Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

End of a state of war

Lately in my dreams I've been battling a terrorizing war with this monster

and even though the monster looks like he's just out of a science fiction movie, it's no other that Aedes taeniorhynchus a.k.a common mosquito.

It's been a few weeks that the situation human vs. mosquito in my house is being a very, very bloody battle...

Our house (as you can see in the above picture) is built on 10 foot stilts so we get very nice breezy most of the year, we have a nice deck in the front as well as in the back so we keep the doors open to get even better air flow during day and night, also this way we do not have to always run the a/c and feel like we live in a jar!

These past few weeks we have had a lot of rain and not so much wind so mosquitoes took advantage of that, coming into the house and hiding in the dark spots so when the night comes they come out to haunt us, bite us and make our night a nightmare....

But not anymore, after weeks of battling those annoying insects, we have come up with the perfect solution; a way to sleep better at night, still with all our doors open and not worry about them annoying visitors harassing us!


We installed it last night and we had a pretty good night sleep. I really like it mostly cause it brings back memories of when I lived in Mexico and had one just like it, besides it looks nice and gives you the feeling of a little camping/romantic mood, LOL!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parade Time

As I mention yesterday here are some pictures of the highlights of the Pirates Week Parade that we attend on Saturday, it was so much fun!

beginning of the parade

jammin' to the steel drums

little pirates

boat parade car

the queen of the parade

another fun car


magic parade costume

local life!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Arrr u ready for this?

Yesterday was the 1st official day of the Pirates Week 09 Festival here on the island (this year being the 32th anniversary of it).

So on this day we celebrated the "landing" of the pirates in Hogs Bay, Georgetown, which symbolized the day they came ashore and took the faux Governor hostage, as well as they took over the island as well. Just like you see in the events here captured:

The (faux) Governor senses trouble on the horizon...

he is going to check out the situation....

the Pirates are coming and looks like they are going to attack...

yeap, now we are under attack!

they are getting closer

I don't think the Governor and his "troops" are ready for what's coming...

the pirates are ashore...

Oh- oh, the Governor is in trouble now...

and so is the rest of his troops

now he is officially captured

and so are his troops...

the pirates celebrate!!!

After the Landing we had the parade (more pictures to come tomorrow)...

There were all sorts of pirates around,
every size, color and and taste
(even Davie John's showed up!).

Now for the entire week the pirates will take the Governor around the island to the 5 different districts for what is called Heritage Day, its a full day at each area with lots of music, local food, crafts and events, very fun!

Stay tuned for more Pirates Week 09 Highlights over the week... Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I dressed as a pirate too! This is how I looked by the end of the day!


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