Friday, May 4, 2012

Rum Point Photo Album

Here are more photos from our 3rd Anniversary Honeymoon at Rum Point, Grand Cayman.

Back of our Condo- bit of a cloudy afternoon
the canal at Rum Point
weird looking upside down jellyfish
another jelly fish in the canal
Us enjoying the Sunset at Starfish Point
Starfish at Starfish Point
husband found a whole bunch of Starfish
Also while there went snorkeling a found a nice Stingray, took some pictures of it but also this little video...

Yesterday I mentioned that we are going away tomorrow, so I probably won't be around to post mainly because I don't want to I'm not carrying my laptop and I think this is a good time to disconnect and fully enjoy my time away... 

So, 'till I come back, hopefully I will have lots of stories and photos to share... See u later, alligator!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rum Haven

We are back from our 3rd anniversary honeymoon "staycation" and we had was a fantastic time.

Today, I am back to work but it's not for long as we are leaving again to Saturday, but this time we are heading north...

First we will visit my Mother in Law for a couple of days in Maryland and then we are off to Virginia.

I am specially excited about Virginia because I've never been there but I've heard is a very beautiful state, can't wait!

We are also planning to see some friends and have dinner with them.

I took a lot of pictures this past 2 days away, but most of them are on my camera and not on my phone, so will try to download those tonight and share tomorrow, meanwhile here are a few I took with my phone...

Our Condo name, Rum Haven
Our view from our room
View from "our dock"

Hope everybody is having a nice week, happy Thursday! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's you who wonders my mind
and lives in my heart

2005 (year we meet)

It's you who holds me by the hand
and hugs my heart

2006 (Botanic Garden)
It's you whom I see
when I close my eyes

It's you I dream off
when I think of the future


It's you, my love
my friend, my confident... my husband!

May 2nd, 2009, Our wedding day!

It's you who is my sunshine, 
my solar panel, who keeps me warm
when life is cold
2010 Mexico trip
It's you and me, putting the piece of our
"life puzzle" together....

It's you and me on our 3rd anniversary today, 
tomorrow and for the rest of our lives together.

Happy Anniversary Baby!
 "I love you" is just a little description of what's really is in my heart...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today, May 1st

I'll be gone for a couple of days getting some well deserved R&R, plus celebrating a special date...

Be back soon and share all about it, meanwhile "talk among yourselves"!

Happy Tuesday...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Journal

Weather was very extremist this past couple of days... It started to rain on Friday evening (around 11pm) and did not stop until after 3pm on Saturday.

Saying I didn't leave the house during the entire day is perhaps not 100% accurate.

I walked the dogs and feed the cats outside, but other than that, I was inside the house the entire day; watching tv and crocheting my way into a new beanie hat! (sorry no pictures).

But then on Sunday, the day was so beautiful, we decided to go to Spotts Beach after doing a short job errand.

Once we got to Spotts I went snorkeling and it was simply fabulous, here's the evidence...

Spotts Beach
dock above the water
dock below the water
beautiful coral head
juvenile grunts at coral head
Juvenile French Angelfish
Juvenile Hawksbill Turtle
Fan Corals close to the surface
Found this awesome flaming tongue
So, what do you think now that the evidence is in? Was it a fabulous snorkeling or not?

Have a wonderful week : )


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