Friday, April 23, 2010


I am not here right now.

I am more like, here...

Thanks to scheduled post, while you are reading this I am on my way to Costa Rica...

Meanwhile have yourself a wonderful weekend, if not I will have one for ya'!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

All set

Tomorrow we are leaving to Costa Rica, I am so excited to see my Mom, Dad and the rest of the family, but also I can't wait to see the dogs (one of the 3 they have at the house is mine) and my mom's cat Lea.

It's going to be so good to leave even if it's just for 5 days.

I really need to disconnect from work but also I feel like I have a little bit of island fever, so Costa Rica it's the best medicine for that! Also last time I went away with my husband was back in October (for work), so that makes a BIG difference.

So, got my tickets, got some $$$, got my Mom's 60 presents for her 60th birthday, so I'm all set...

BTW, don't know how much internet access I will have, last time I was home my parents had dial up, yeap, you heard me right, DIAL UP internet connection, so dreaming of a fast connection wasn't even an option, now it looks like they finally have dsl or something comparable, but I still don't think I will be posting much, I do promise lots of pictures and then share them via my blog...

Until then, here's a nice little video I found on Youtube about Costa Rica, the girl narrating I think is kind of hard to understand at time cause of her accent... anyway, hope you like it and this gives you an idea of what my lovely country is all about...

BTW, the last part about investing in CR is because this is a video made by the Chamber of Commerce, if you don't have $$$ to invest, just invest in a visit!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Say it with a cat...

Wut? Are you tellin' me it's only Wednesday???

Happy Hump Day : )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Late Post

Don't have much to post about today.

The weather is beautiful on our part of the world.

Of course it's only Tuesday so I am stuck inside working, but I do have to admit I'd rather be out there instead, it's bright, sunny, hot and maybe even sticky if you decide to have an ice cream and it ends up melting on you, unless you are faster at licking it, LOL!

So, here's a little video to prove that I am not making this stuff up, of course I can't really prove the ice cream part unless you come down to George town, buy me one and then I conduct the experiment and prove it, what da'ya think? Sounds like a plan to me...

We had 5 cruise ships in port today, on the video you can only see 4, one on the side and 3 in a row but the resolution it's not good enough for you to see them well, the other one was far, far away on the horizon by the time I took this video, enjoy!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Times change

It's amazing how much (and sometimes how fast) times change. 

Once upon a cigarette, smoking was hip, cool and maybe even "good for ya"... The fact that there were advertising like the following one, seems so unreal now a days...

Also that you were encouraged to share the "Christmas Spirit" with cigarettes; endorsed by no other than Ronald Reagan. Here's the former US president advertising a very special Christmas-Card carton that was THE THING to buy for all those you care for... plus no unpleasant after-taste, LOL!

Times have definitely changed and in some cases for better but in other cases, not sure...

In many cases the planet is the one that has suffer (and is still is) the many changes, otherwise ask the New York territory. 

Crazy how times, things, places and even people change... Now, if only there was a way to change weekends so they were longer, LOL!

Have a wonderful week!


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