Friday, November 5, 2010

turmeric & milk

Today I am not feeling very peachy, I started with an itchy throat yesterday and now today it feels worst.

I have to go into work today only from 1pm to 5pm as we are doing some minor renovations on the gallery so the manager or me need to be there for a few hours just to make sure nothing gets misplaced.

Planning to take my crochet and a book plus a good warm beverage to keep me feeling better. Last night and this morning took some Turmeric Milk and it works wonder, ever tried that when sick? It's really good for when you have a cold or even a very nasty cough. Here's the recipe:

8oz milk (1 cup)
1 tsp ground turmeric
2 tbsp honey
a pinch of grind pepper (black)

Warm the milk, when warm ad the turmeric and  mix, let it boil very little, pour it in your cup, add honey and pepper, drink hot and enjoy the warmth it'll bring to your body.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

this is CR...

this is home!

A place where you can still encounter people riding horses instead of cars.

A place where things don't necessary work the way they should...

3 lights at once?!?

A place where just out the door of your house (specially when you live on the mountains) you can have amazing nature encounters (unfortunately can't say the say amazing things about my camera zoom, LOL).
juvenile laughing falcon

A place where exotic flora is in constant bloom.

bird of paradise flower
I really love my country, this last trip I once again renewed my love vows for this wonderful amazing place, I recommend you to visit if you want a once in a life time adventure.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed. Wedding highlights

Like I mentioned on yesterday post, my cousin's wedding was very nice, I was unable to take any pictures at the Church because it was very dark and my flash wasn't strong enough, but I do have some highlights of the party and specially the dancing at the carnival.

The Bride (my cousin Mariela) and me!
with my other 2 cousins from the same side of the family
with my date (LOL!, just kidding, my little cousin passed out on the table!)
everybody had a blast dancing... specially my aunt Cynthia!
guess who was the "Queen" of the carnival?!?!?
my cousin Alfredo looks pretty professional!
even my parents were non stop dancers!!!
So there u have it, the wedding was a success and spending time with my family was the best part... All I was missing was my wonderful man back home taking care of our house and dogs... I am so happy to be back. Missed u baby but love u more!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

airport traveling = $%*#


Arrived to the island last  night after a wonderful weekend with my family, my cousins wedding was very nice and enjoyable, I dance until my feet ache and had a wonderful time in general, but not including my experience flying there on Friday.

Does anybody else recalls when flying used to be a fun, exciting, pleasant experience, well those days are definitely over!

On Friday my flight with AA was scheduled to leave the island at 2:45 but for mechanical reasons with the plane leaving Miami and coming to pick us up in Grand Cayman, we ended up leaving at 5pm. We made it to Miami airport at 7:30 so I had 30 minutes to run about a mile (since they leave us at the very end of the airport) and make my connecting flight. Managed to get to immigration where I approached and AA agent that immediately told me I already missed my flight, but I refused to accept this.

Once I managed to get on the American citizens line (since it was the shortest), the immigration agent for once was very nice, fast and told me I was pushing it close to miss my flight. Then it was off to customs with only a carry on luggage where I approached yet another AA agent who also told that I already missed the flight...

That's when I decided to run for it like some crazy maniac was chasing me to rape me (LOL)... Well, looks like my gate was in a completely new area of the airport and I even needed to take a Skytrain. After running about 2 miles, I just barely made it to the plane and was the very last one to get in, just because some other passenger was delayed with the luggage already inside the plane. (insert relief sigh here)

But this is the part the bugs me the most; our plane was delayed almost 3 hours because of their own mechanical reasons, they company doesn't mind delaying everybody, but then when I approached some of the agents and they all assured me that I already missed my flight, I asked a couple of them if they were still able to contact the gate to make sure and notify them that I landed and I was on my way, but NO WAY, nobody is willing to help you delay the plane 2 or 5 minutes so people don't miss their flights, WHY???

I am definitely writing a formal complained because I now don't see the point to try to book connecting flights with the same airlines when there are absolutely no benefits at all, right?

But, besides my traveling nightmare to get there, everything else was very nice and enjoyable,  my family is good and they all loved their "amigurumis" that I made for them... I promise to share some pictures but for now this one would have to do.

Here's a picture we took the night we were going to the wedding. In order: me, mom, dad, my brother Gian and his wife Tracie.

Have a great Tuesday!!!


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