Friday, November 2, 2012

Officially Friday

It's officially Friday, which means in just about a few hours the weekend will be finally here.

Also it's official, I am on a diet and a serious one that is, because it's a doctor monitored one an all... First time I ever do something like it.

I am hoping to reach my goal to lose 20 lbs but today is only day one (after 3 whole days of "loading up" phase), so please keep me in your prayers that I find strength to make it to what I need.

So far, so good... I am totally already feeling the good vibes you are sending, thanks u guys rock!

Well, hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Throwback!

November is finally here and what I better to start it than on a Thursday which means only two things;
the week is half full and here's another edition of...

As you know Halloween was last night and although I didn't do anything this year last year was a crazy night, one full of zombie that came back from the death... like Bettlejuice

Add caption
and Osama Bin laden...

1. The first picture is my friend Tarah dressed up as Bettlejuice, she made her whole outfit out of Duct Tape and her own makeup, she is an awesome and very creative artist!

2. Tarah a.k.a. Bettlejuice was also the hostess of the Halloween party that year.

3. My brother a.k.a Osama Binladen is with me on the second photo.

4. I decided to do my make up last minute and it's my own version of the Day of the Death.

5. We had a awesome time last year, but this year we didn't attend any parties, so Throwback is the way to go!!!

Hope everybody had a nice and safe Halloween... 

If you feel like sharing your Throwback, just grab the button at the top and share on your blog.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

no tricks, all treats!!!

Just as I am a sucker for "talking animals" films, I am also a sucker for animals in costumes and although I don't get around to dress my own mainly because my husband won't allow me I don't have any costumes for them I still enjoy some pooches in "drag", LOL!!!

Now, when it comes to costumes, I've always think that buying a Halloween costume is just not as fun as when you come up with an idea and make it yourself, the same goes for animal costumes, although there are some good "store bought" ones, the home made ones are definitely the best.

So, Halloween is tonight and if at this point you decide to dress up your pooch, here are some fabulous ideas...

Of course, if you manage to get them into any of these "little numbers" you need to make sure there is at least one treat in it for them, right?!?!?

the Chia Pet

Bride to Be

Banana Dog
is that you Pepe Le Pew?
Spider Dog
probably the best costume ever!!!

But the average holiday is not complete without a "someecards", here's a great one to celebrate Halloween...


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Award and more...

"I'll like to thank the Academy..." or in this case, Esther at "Esther Norine Designs" for the lovely Liebster Blog Award I got on Sunday and since I didn't read the email until yesterday here I am blogging about it today...

According to Esther's post, I am supposed to post 11 fact about me and also answer some questions, in my case I am only going to answer the questions she posted and then pass along to some other amazing bloggers.

1: Why do you like blogging?
I like to blog to share my world and thoughts with other people out there that might have some things in common with me or perhaps not.
2: Where is your dream vacation?
I love to travel and see new and exciting places, my dream vacation is the one I get to go on!!!
3: Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I have 2 dogs Ditto and Sheba and 7 cats (BTK, Little One, Goldie, Shadow, Lee, Albee and LT)
4: What is your guilty pleasure?
Dulce de Leche in any form or shape
5: Do you choose to pick up the remote or pick up a book first?
Book first
6: What is your favorite holiday?
7: Do you like Starbucks? What do you get there?
I take my coffee black and no sugar so I can care less if I get it at Starbucks on any other good coffee place.
8: Do you prefer purses over shoes or vice versa or equal?
Purses 100%
9: Are a cook or a baker?
Both, but I don't do much baking because of all the calories that come included with it.
10: What is your go-to accessory?
I love scarfs, but since I live in the Caribbean I don't get to wear them much
11: Do you prefer country living or the city?
Country living for me, traffic in big cities does not make me happy

And now I am supposed to pass the award to other bloggers, so here are my choices:

Please go visit any of these ladies, all their blogs are very nice to read.

In other news...It's getting closer, almost here... and although I don't really "celebrate", meaning I don't put up any decorations, go trick or treat-ing or dress up (unless invited to a party).... Halloween is almost here!

But now a days I only need to go as far as Pinterest to see all the amazing ideas I am not putting into practice and all the fun activities I am not doing to celebrate and make this day a unique an special one.

So here are some of the things I would actually do if I was to really get into Halloween...

1. With toilet paper cardboard rolls (or aluminium foil), tea lights (battery operated) and some black paint.

2. This will be the ghost cookies I will totally bake but I won't.

3. Last year we decorated our own pumpkin, this year we didn't :(

4. Fabulous idea to keep your refreshments (in case you are throwing an actual Halloween party).

5. Mason jars + paint is the way to go.

6. Awesome front door decoration.

7. If I had an old white sheet I would be all over this idea for my dogs!

8. Fun ghosts!

9. Great way to decorate your pumpkins and your fireplace.

Well, hoping everybody is safe with all the storms around, weather is here today, wish you were here...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Life's a beach and then it's Monday...

Hello everybody, I hope the weekend was good and that wherever you are weather is nice and enjoyable as there are so many people being affected by Hurricane Sandy as well as some major snow storms around the US, hoping everybody is keeping safe and sound.

Weather is so much better here now and hoping that will be the case for other places too.

Sunday at the beach
My weekend was very enjoyable, on Friday night we closed the week by having dinner at the Heritage Kitchen Fish Fry stand, I had the coconut fish and it was delicious (as always)!

On Saturday I worked on my paper mache project and I got pretty advanced, hoping that for next weekend I will be able to paint it and finally share some photos here.

At night we were part of a fundraiser called "Paws for Wine" which the fund go towards C.A.R.E. (Cayman Animals Rescue Enthusiasts). C.A.R.E. consist of all volunteers that help people that need financial need to spay and neuter their pets, in our case they were the ones that help us spay and neuter our 7 cats.

They do such a wonderful job helping animals that we had to be part of this very important cause.

my friend Jenn and me at Paws for Wine

On Sunday we went to the beach and did some snorkeling.... Weather was fabulous and here are some pictures I took while snorkeling.

grunt cave

poisonous scorpion fish, can u see it????
flaming tong snail on fan coral
tons of blue tangs all over
Also while snorkeling a found a pretty cool shell...

I have a few more photos but I will share more tomorrow or in the next few days.

Happy Week everybody!


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