Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some bunny loves ya!

Stories like the one I received by email today is one of the things that really makes my heart happy and reminds me that love is all around us.

I'm sure you have heard of the famous Bamby (the deer) and his friend Thumper (the bunny)? Well their story goes beyond a Disney movie and the following pictures taking by a German photographer (Tanja Askani) proves it. If you like to read the whole story click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Give me an "F"...

... F!

give me and "R"

... R!

give me an "I"

... I!

give me a "D"

... D!

give me an "A"

... A!

give me a "Y"

... Y!

What does it spell?  FRIDAY!!!

I'm so happy that we managed to get to today, and although I'm at work I wish I was doing what my dog is probably doing at home right now, lying down in the sun... LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Spirit

If you are anything like me this holiday season, then you are probably lacking some Christmas Spirit.

For some reason I've never really being much into Christmas songs and looks like for a few weeks now, every radio station on the island is playing a Christmas song every other song on their regular programming, so that ain't helping me much either.

Well, I might have found a solution to my problem (and maybe yours, if you are not into Christmas song either). Here are some new and improved Holiday Lyrics to help all of us get into the Christmas Spirit.

When walking to a Christmas party you could sing:

"It's the most wonderful time to drink beer..."

When going for some last minute holiday shopping just sing:

Rushing to the mall
on a late December day,
through the stores we go
charging all the way

ching... ching... ching

Bell$ on registers Ring
making checkbook$ light
Oh, what fun it is to buy up
everything in $ight!

Ching... Ching... Ching

Jingle Bell$ Jingle Bell$
the kids all yell and scream
to us it sound like anarchy
but to them is harmony, hey!

And what about this song for the family party;

Drinking around the Christmas Tree
at the Christmas Party rush
faces are hung o'er the balcony
everybody is a lush

Drinking around the Christmas Tree
let the Christmas drunkards through
later we'll do some vomiting
and our arms will hung the loo

You will get an upset stomach feeling, when you taste
Vodka through your nose, oh golly,
Deck the halls with boughs of jolly!!!

Hope you liked the new versions!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday movie post

It's Wednesday again so in my blogs it means it's movie post day.

Today's movie is one I rented a couple of weeks ago and to be honest the 2 main reasons why I rented this movie were:

Reason #1: the name. This movie is called "The Boat that Rocked" a.k.a "Pirate Radio", and with this name I was attracted immediately as my husband is a broadcasting/radio engineer and he's all into that radio/shortwave/music stuff... Me, I'm mostly into music although here on the island the radio stations are pretty lame so I don't really listen to any very long.

Reason #2: It's based in real facts plus it's a comedy, so to me that's kind of a double whammy, as movies that are based on true facts (which are my favorite kind) are usually dramas.

Reason #3: Yeap, there was really a third reason and it's Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he is not only a great actor but he's also got a "Je ne sais quoi" that I "heart"!!!

Now to the review. This movie has two names (dunno why?), I think is cause it was released in the UK with one name, then re edited with a new name, not sure if they added more material or took off some.

Well, basically the movie set in the 1960's when radio stations in the UK only used to play certain kind of music and not rock and roll was kind of banned, so this group of DJ's decided to leave the country in a cargo ship and start a pirate broadcasting from there, so they were not technically in UK territory but on international waters, where they could play rock and roll.

So it's the story of this bunch of crazy dj's back in the 60's where they was a lot of free love, drugs, buzz and of course rock and roll, having the time of their lives.

Anyway, it's a pretty entertaining movie, either if you are into sex, drugs, rock and roll and even some British humor I am sure you'll have a good time.

I specially liked with music and maybe even the soundtrack will be worth to check out (but that's if you are into rock and roll and 60's music only), they play stuff like from: The Who, The Kinks, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and even my favorite Cat Stevens song (Father and Son).

So in review, I really liked this movie and I give it:

Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tree Tuesday

Today's tree is the one we have at work, upstairs at the gallery. We have another one downstairs but it's small and have no lights, only souvenir ornaments that we sell to tourist for $6US, want one??? LOL

There are 5 cruise ships in port today, so it should be a pretty busy day, have a great one!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello Monday!

I didn't not expect to see you so soon... In fact everything seems blurry today and that's cause you arrived too soon!

It's the beginning of another work week and after a laid back weekend I should be feeling fresh and ready to take over the world.

But oh nooo!, in my case, lately I feel so tired that my concentration span is almost none existent, I finally started back on my exercise routine so hopefully that is going to start giving more me energy any time soon...

I guess another reason for my tiredness is because I know the holidays are coming up, and even though I talked it over with my husband a few weeks ago, and we both decided that this year we were not going to give each other any gifts, I already bought him something and I'm already thinking about other stuff to get him.

He currently has a Treo 650 that just "kicked the bucket", so I got him the same exact phone as he has right now but new. You might ask, why the same phone (that's not fun)? Well, the reason I got him the same one, is because he currently has a lot of applications and games that he uses every day on his old phone, so he needs another that he could still use all those same applications, so it's got to be the same one.

Besides this phone I got him, I'm also starting to get all sorts of idea of stuff to get him, but not sure if I should do since we already decided to not give each other anything, what should I do????

Oh well, back to being Monday, it sucks doesn't it. LOL... Oh well, have a great week anyway!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random weekend shots

Today I'm not doing much, enjoying being at home and just lounge around, catch some rays in the back deck and enjoy the nice holiday breeze.

Besides that I decided to bake some Banana Nut Cupcakes a.k.a Muffins (as other people like to call them). Here's the final result...

Yesterday we were going to store and as we were pulling out in the car we notice a very unique visitor in our yard, here it is, I call it "Henry" the Heron.

(photo by Mark)

Also, today I managed to put a bow on my dog Sheba, one that she can actually tolerate, as I was getting her and Ditto ready for our Christmas Picture...

she's ready for the pawtee!


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