Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arrrg u ready for a throwback?

Tomorrow is the start of the 35th anniversary celebration of the Pirates Week Festival in our little island, the longer I live here to more I seem to enjoy such festivities!

But before we officially kick off Pirates Week, I am celebrating today with another edition of Throwback Thursday.

This is today's "blast from the past"...

1. This photo was taken back on 2009, which is my first "official" Pirates Week attendance.

2. Although I've live on the island since 2007, on that year and 2008 we were off island for the celebration.

3. This year I didn't have an official Pirate/Wench outfit but I have bough some after that.

4. For this year I actually have 2 different outfits (photos soon come!)

5. This photo was taken during the Landing Parade when Pirates come into shore to take over the Governor and the island, soon after they take over the actual parade starts.

As I think mentioned before, this will be the second year that the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation puts on a float for the Parade, we should start decorating it today and I will be sharing lots of Pirate related pictures in the next few days.

Remember if you feel like joining in the fun, just add your link next and share your own blast from the past!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Event ready

Event #1 done, now 3 more to go...

Yesterday's event was great and although I did not take any photos of the actual event I did take some pictures of the state of the gallery when it was ready to receive all the guests...

So today I am sharing those photos with you.

The place looked great and people had a great time, we didn't sell many items but that is kind of expected on a social event.

In unrelated news, in case you didn't know (because you live under a rock), the USA has a new president, and although it makes no difference to me I am hoping that it's going to be a positive thing for their country and their people, so may God bless President Obama and his government.

Happy Hump Day... hoping to be able to blog tomorrow and share another Throwback Thursday photo, if you feel like joining me, please stop by....

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 lbs lighter!!!

It's Monday again and although I am 5 lbs lighter (already!) from my diet, this week I am super loaded with work and activities.

Tomorrow night we have one of the two annual events at the gallery where I work, Thursday I am going to the Under Water Film Festival where my boss is the feature film presenter.

Friday we have yet another gallery event with a private group of 80 couples, hoping for BIG $ale$!!!!!

Saturday is the beginning day of the 35th Pirates Week Festival and the the day of the Landing Parade, this would be the second year we put on a float, so besides getting everything ready for those two event, I am also decorating the float...

Anyway, I am not sure I will be having much time to post anything else for the week, specially since our internet at the house went down from Sat. night and still not fixed, hoping somebody from the phone company comes by today and fix it...

In other news, on Friday I took Sheba to the beach after the Vet's appointment, she had a great time!!!

Yesterday Sunday we went to my brother's house for a BBQ and I gave my SIL her new hat and I think she loved it!!!

yummy skewers and my lil' chicken breast on the side!

new hat!

funky moth

Hope everybody has a nice week!!!


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