Thursday, September 30, 2010

"In the jungle...

... the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight".

I am so happy to share with everybody the progress I've made so far on my new hobby of creating crochet Amigurumis... so I present to you, Alex the Lion!!!!!

Isn't he a "cutie petutie"??? I think so myself and I am not only saying it cause it's made by my own 2 hands (well maybe in part I am) but because of the fact that it is true to say "he who perseveres conquers", right???

Can't wait to make more creations and eventually have some to give away, how fun!!!

In other news, weather is slowly improving and we are hoping by tomorrow there will be much better skies as we are traveling to Cayman Brac (one of the sister islands) and we are going on a propeller plane so we do not want much wind around....

Not sure when I will be posting again, but I'll keep u posted, hoping to share lots of pictures of our trip in the next few days!!!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

jinxed weather

Well, I have to admit that with Monday's post I have jinxed the weeks weather...

Yesterday was definitely a "wellies kind" of day,  it started raining non stop from Monday evening and it's been pretty rainy and cloudy all day and all night, meaning we have Depression Sixteen right on top of us!

But don't get me wrong I am not complaining, because this is the worst we've had the entire hurricane season so it's definitely much better than having any real storms coming close to us.

So our season this year like I just said it's been pretty good, even on Sunday when it was cloudy and gloomy we managed to get to the beach, did some snorkeling and although the water was pretty stired up and visibility was bad, I did take some pictures, here are the top 3!

juvenile french angel fish

big crab
beautiful elk horn coral head
Also I took some pictures while on the beach after snorkeling.

hermit crab
lonely beach flower
sunset on a cloudy day
Hoping that TD 16 will not be sticking around for much longer as we have plans to go to Cayman Brac on Friday for the weekend... Here's to good weather and that TD 16 doesn't develop into anything much bigger and that it doesn't affect anybody else.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

can u hear me now?

Isn't it nice when you have something to say or just want to vent and there's actually somebody on the other end of the conversation? Well, that's kind of how I feel when I blog...

When I post, I try to imagine that somebody, anybody out there is reading it. Maybe somebody will feel a connection or at least understand what I want say, maybe not...

Maybe some of the readers are just that, readers, people that do not like to comment, but they like to read...

Being that English is not my first language I constantly wonder if I make myself clear in my ideas...

Well, maybe I don't do so bad, as yesterday a fellow blogger with a lovely blog gave me a beautiful award with a wonderful name "A Blog with Substance", isn't it a great name?

And who doesn't want substance in life and in their blog? I know I do!!!

So, the award comes with some rules and are as follow:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.. So, Thanks, Gracias, Merci,  Jessi!!!

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words...."This is how I blog!"

Now it's my turn to pass along this wonderful award to some very substantial blogs (in no particular order):

Gods Little People is a must read blog for all of us animal lovers!

Oh la la... it's a wonderful blog about design and decoration, mostly nowadays it's about Heidi's wonderful wedding, so if you feel like looking at some wedding bliss, hit here blog.

I just recently found Joey's Cafe and I have to say I am very happy to have found her, she lives very far from me in Malaysia, and I am sure to find more to discover about her and her culture... can't wait!

In the blog Days of Five Lives, Janelle share with us the life and wonders of a family, plenty of activities with 3 kids to look after, I love her adventures and the way she handles her family being that she is about my age...

And at last my favorite blogger, the one and only man of my dreams and my daily life, my husband at First Time... c'mon go check out his blog, it's awesome, love u babe!!!

So, once again, Thanks Jessi for this wonderful little token, it gives me substance to keep on living life to the fullest and telling about it on my blog!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happiness is...

a sandy muzzle!

On Sat. we took the dogs to walk at Barkers beach and they had a great time, specially Ditto, chasing crabs and getting his muzzle super sandy.

Yesterday afternoon we did some snorkeling but the water visibility cause of the rain and wind wasn't very good, I did took some pictures that I will share tomorrow.

actual photo taken on Sat. although it looks like a painting!

Now, Monday is here but it feels much better after having 2 days off. The weekend was pretty cloudy, with on a off showers and wind... I bet the week is going to be gorgeously sunny, all cause I am indoors working, Oh well, long live Murphy's Law!

Have a great week!


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