Tuesday, January 31, 2012

almost there

All my bags are packed [well, almost]... So I am about ready to go.

Tomorrow around this time we'll be heading to Miami for some good 'ol retail therapy [shopping], then we are off tomorrow night to Costa Rica and God willing, we should be landing at around 10pm, woo-hoo!

I don't wanna sound too excited, but I AM!!!

It really hasn't been that long since the last time I was there, just August last year, but still, home is home and it always makes me excited to be back.

Did I also mentioned that on Friday we are going to the very first Elton John concert in Costa Rica? So double excitement for this trip.

I really do hope the concert is good, and that he plays "That's why they call it the blues" [my favorite song of his], and "Rocket Man" and "Crocodile Rock" and "Benny and the Jets" and "Good Bye Yellow Brick Road" and "I'm still standing".... well, all of them I guess! LOL

Check out a Pop Up video of my favorite Elton song, with sun fun facts...

Also on Saturday we are having a bbq at my parents house to celebrate my 35th birthday coming up at the end of February, so triple excitement...

On another note, last night I took some random pictures while we were outdoors enjoying the afternoon/sunset time...

Ditto enjoying the plant area
old cactus in a new pot

Ditto assisting with the gardening

"this is my toy"

afternoon delight + coffee

Serious Ditto

Sheba refusing to look at the camera

Well, to those not going on vacation tomorrow, like we are! Hope you have a great week and beyond.

I will be back in blogger world in about 12 days... Not sure if I will be able to post anything while I am away and not even sure I really want to make the effort, as I just want to disconnect.

See you and read you all in a few days, be happy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

short but sweet (weekend)

Last week ended with a wonderful surprise, a little Christmas parcel sent by a dear friend finally arrived and it made the end of my Friday a memorable one, Thanks Joan for all the wonderful things you send us, love it all!!!

On Friday I went out with some friends to celebrate our friend Emma's birthday, we had a great time at a new place, Karoo. It was a nice night with good friends, good food and good spirits!

Me, Emma (the BD girl) and Jen.

Saturday was my morning out with Yanique.

We truly had a great time together, I had promised to take her to Spots public beach where you can access a cave that is right in front of the water.

I discover this cave through my husband, who took me there back when we were just dating.

The thing with this cave is that you can only access to it is via the water (unless you know somebody that lives one the two houses that share that little part of the beach), so if the sea is rough then it's not very easy to get there.
on our way to the cave
Fortunately for us, on Saturday the weather and the water conditions were great, so we had no problem reaching the cave.

entrance to the cave
After visiting the cave, we walked a little further down and found a "sort of " road that leads nowhere? It was a nice little wooded area, sort of a secret road.

secret road
Finally after swimming back to the beach where we left out things, I lay down to read a bit of my book and Yanique walked to the dock where a man was fishing.

After a while she came back to show me the fisherman's catch of the day... a peacock flounder!

nice catch!
Also on Saturday afternoon I purchased a new Kipling Duffel bag and I am very happy with it, so I have already started packing a bit of things I am taking as presents.


The rest of the weekend was very relaxing at home, started a new crochet project (my very first scarf) and of course enjoyed my "ool".

Hope you had a nice weekend and an even better week ahead!!!


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