Friday, January 13, 2012

things that makes me go "aww...."

For all those times I wish that my dogs could talk and say "I love you"... here's a video that would surely melt your heart (as it did mine the first time I saw it)

The first time I found Mishka I thought "WOW! that's got to be just a coincidence", but then I started following her youtube channel and realized that her personality really does go beyond barking, she is definitely awesome...

Here's also one of her latest videos which would surely make you smile, specially when she sings along...

My husband taught our dog Ditto to kind of "talk" and he does really well, some times you get get a little hello, but now I've been trying to teach him "I love you" and at times I feel as if we are making progress...

I will try to take a video of Ditto talking and share it, meanwhile I hope you enjoyed Mishka!

Have a wonderful weekend, I am really looking forward to some good quality time with my "ool"!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Secret Garden

Although I don't really have a secret garden, it's not a secret that I love plants and trees.

Ditto in his favorite corner
Going to a nursery is perhaps one of my favorite shopping spree's.

I love having plants around the house and specially when I can grow things from a seed, it makes so accomplish to be able to create something with love and care.

Our plants are doing pretty good lately, but it's definitely not easy to keep them that way when we get a lot of wind that comes packet with sea salt.

not sure about this plants name, perhaps related to "tiger paws"?
Peppermint plant doing really well

Frangipani tree growing more every day

Frangipani flowers cover in morning dew
On another note... I am very happy because yesterday after work when I got home I jumped in the pool and it was so nice, water is getting a bit warmer and inviting, plus the weather is very nice and beautiful.

Sheba guarding my pool
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wed. funny dose

Today I went to yet another "crazy, hard, exhausting" kettle express class and I loved it...

But, I just don't have it in my to post much, so instead, look at the following images and laugh a little... o.k?

1, 2, 3... go!

cyber doggie

King Julia is feed up with movin' it!

"it's not even an Apple computer, LOL!"

this is soo my dog Ditto!

going down... hand on, LOL!
this is probably me...

I hope at least 1 image made you giggle... Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

animal talk

If our animals could talk I am sure we would hear waaay more than "woof" and "meaw"... It would be something like this...

If your animals could talk, what sort of thing would they say?!?!?

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

adventure with dolphins

Saturday I took Yanique to the Dolphin Discovery interactive center, her birthday is tomorrow Tuesday so I managed to get us a pass for both of us... We had a wonderful time!

Dolphins are such amazing and intelligent animals, fun and very strong as well.

We did the Adventure swim program (with 1 dolphin, but since there was only 3 of us, they decided to gives us 2 dolphins instead, even better!), included the following behaviors: petting the dolphins several times, hand shake, dancing, also a boogie board push, a belly swim and a kiss!

They do not allow cameras with the dolphins because they have 3 on site photographer that will take the photos for you and then they want to sell them to you for $25us a photos... I ended up buying two for Yanique at a "bargain" price of $35, but didn't get any of myself...

I still have some photos of before the swim and during the swim as the husband of the lady participating with us was able to take some from far away... here are some of the highlights.

friendly dolphin
taking a dip
close up
Capi & Alma
boogie board push for Yanique
boogie board push for me
dolphin dance
hand shake with Yanique
Dolphin kiss for me
The whole experience was nice but a bit too "staged" for my taste, it is definitely something wonderful to do with kids and for those that will never get to see and pet dolphins in the wild, highly recommended!

Happy Monday!!!


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