Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Food For Thought

Hello All!!!

Friday is finally here and to officially say goodbye to another week and [almost] another month, today I decided to share this beautiful "food for thought"...

If you hoard love, it melts away. 

If you lock love, it breaks free. 

If you grab on to love, you end up holding an illusion. 

But when you let love flower in its own way, it stays to support you.  

And when you pass along love, it multiplies beyond measure.

Today the weather is dark, rainy and yucky all over, but at least it's Friday and even if it rains all weekend I am ready for some much deserved rest, specially cause I am still fighting a weird infected on the left side of my head/ear area, so at this point I am on antibiotics, yuck!

Anyway, here's hoping that everybody has a lovely weekend and that loves multiplies all around you!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday, or maybe I should say Happy Throwback Thursday!

Now what's so exciting about today? Well the fact that you can see a photo from my past, if you decided to join in the fun you can link your blog at the end of this post aaaaaand.....

Wait for it...

wait for it.....

Tomorrow is Fry-day!!!!!

Definitely the best part of looking for old photos is all the memories that come along with them.

Here's my photo for today.

Now, 5 facts about this photo are:

1. This photo was taken back in May 2007 in Buffalo, New York.

2. This was during my visit to attend Jenn's wedding.

3. Jenn is the Blonde with the pink top right in the middle, she is also my host sister back when in high school I lived in Attica, NY on a exchange student program for 7 months- he family is like a second family to me.

4. This day the 4 of us bridesmaids got a belly dancing lesson as part of the hen's party, it was awesome, we had a blast.

5. I don't really remember all the girls names but I think this is the order, from left to right; Me, Janene, Jenn, ???, and Missie.

Such great memories! Have a great Thursday :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finding Paradise

Yesterday I got a comment from a fellow blogger that me think... She said:

"totally jealous of that beach, I live in paradise too, but I think you totally one up me : )"

Well, first of all, thanks Hallie for the comment, but specially because you have inspired me to think about what really Paradise is all about?

I too have the idea that paradise could be described as a wonderful white sand beach, with turquoise waters; laying on a hammock/lounge chair, with perhaps enough suntan lotion, a cool cocktail and a good book? Totally!

But then I think of all the many people that are not as blessed as we are and all they would like for a Paradise is a good life.

So many people nowadays around the world that probably imagine Paradise as a place; free of violence, having enough to feed their families, a roof over their heads and a warm bed to go to at night... Or maybe just the chance to live in a peaceful country.

In many cases our life situation is not because we chose it, we were blessed enough to have a parents/people that raised us, work and care to give us all they that they could; love, education, opportunities and lessons to chose the right path in life.

Others don't have that chance, even from before they were born.

So my point about Paradise is to make the best of the life you have, with the right attitude and hard work and specially the help and faith in God, we can make Paradise out of our lives and the place that we live in.

But most importantly we could try to give a bit of our Paradise to those that are not as fortunate as we are.

On an unrelated subject, tomorrow is another edition of Throwback Thursday, so if you feel like linking up to my blog, just grab the following button and post it in your blog with a photo from your past plus 5 fact about the photo, yes, it's that easy!

Have a wonderful day in your Paradise!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 on Tuesday

Today I am linking back to Linny's Vault and participating in 10 for Tuesday (thanks for Stacy and her wonderful blog)- go on click on her name, don't be afraid to say hello!

Because this is my first time I am assuming that this is basically just 10 random thoughts I have on Tuesday, right? Hope so...

Just a few days ago I discovered that Epson Salts are great if you add them to your Shampoo to remove the excess oil, I have tried it a couple of times and I can already see a difference in my hair, and believe me, when you have curly hair like mine, you really appreciate this!

Sometimes when I take a step back and analyze my life I can't help but smile and be so grateful for my wonderful husband, my pets and the place where I live, thank you God for all your blessings!

2012 is the year of big concerts for me. Living on a small island in the Caribbean big concerts are not an option, but this year in February we traveled to Costa Rica to visit my family and got to see Elton John, which was amazing!!!

Actual photo taken with my phone!
 Now I am very excited because my next big concert will be in November, I am going to see no other than Madonna!!!! -can't hardly wait-

This past weekend I finished a "flash" crochet project, a "Brainy Wave" Beanie [rasta] hat for my brother, here's my husband "modeling" it for me.

I'm still loving coming home to this... 7 lovely kitties live in our property and every day they show us how amazing and loving feral cats can become, we are lucky to have them- and I'm sure it goes both ways!

As of Friday there's a new law came into effect on the island, from now on it's against the law to talk on your cellphone while driving, I believe the fee if you get caught is $150 KYD dollars which is about $187 US dollars... I think it's a great law and I am hoping people would be more conscious of this because it's dangerous and another reason for major accidents on the road.

We found this "lil' fella" over the weekend, sleeping on another frog mouth... 
I am being a "copy cap" and posting the same photo as my husband on his blog!

This photo was taken this morning driving back from the gym [sigh], if only this is where I would spend my day... but no, I have to work, even if I live in Paradise!

This is the very first time I link with Linny's Vault but hopefully not the last... Do you have favorite "Link Ups" to your blog, please do share!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Way to go with H2O!

It is not a secret that drinking water is not only good for us but vital for your well being and the correct function of our body.

But I know that sometimes we forget, get busy or choose other non as healthy beverages that down the road are causing our body more harm than they should.

Perhaps certain issues are related to that without us even realizing that a bit of water can go a long way and make a huge difference on our well being.

The other day I was reading an article about the right times to drink water to maximize the effects on the body.

According to the article, these are some of the best times to have water;

  • Drink 2 glasses of water immediately after you wake up, to help activate you vital organs. 
  • Drink 1 glass of water 30 minutes before every meal to help aid digestion.
  • Drink 1 glass of water just before a shower to reduce blood pressure.
  • Drink 1 glass of water just before going to bed to avoid heart attacks and embolism.
Pretty easy, right?

I am going to try the one before each meal and the one before bed.

Although I already drink a lot of water through the day but I know there's always room for improvement.

Sometimes adding a bit of lemon to the water gives it a little bit of a kick, I also love to put a whole stick of cinnamon to make it less dull and I have heard that some sliced cucumber is also very beneficial.

Do you have any special tips for your water drinking? Do share if so...

On another unrelated note, thanks to everybody that commented on my Friday post, you guys rock and with your comments once again have showed me that I am not here alone, but specially that it's o.k. to vent about your feelings every now and then, thanks a bunch from the bottom of my heart!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


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