Friday, March 23, 2012

call me buttercup

Sometimes I just don't have it in my to post. Lately besides lacking real topics and inspiration, work is adding to the equation, spring break tourists are flooding the streets of George Town so we have been super busy every day.

But in a way, busy means sales and time sure flies when you are having fun, right?

On a different note, I am happy to report that I am totally back on my feet after last week's illness.

I am back on my gym routine and I have to say I am still enjoy it, but it's not getting any easier, in fact now I am doing 3 classes a week and I specially happy to be doing a boxing class on Tuesdays. 

The thing about boxing is that it's a great sport and it specially makes me feel like a "power puff girl", LOL!

So from now on, just call me Buttercup! 

It's been 2 weekend since I've seen my little sister Yanique and I feel pretty bad about that. First weekend I had to work and then after being sick and off work I ended up working again on Saturday.

So, tomorrow I am planning to make it up to her and perhaps take her on a submarine ride or go snorkeling again. I also bought her a book so we can start reading together (as she requested me before) to help her improve her reading skills!

Also this weekend I am very excited about the new movie based on the books "The Hunger Games". After reading the books about a year ago, the wait is over and I am going to try to watch the movie on Sunday. Can't wait and I hope it's going to be good!

Have you read the books? If not, I highly recommend them. 

At first when I started reading the books, I found them kind of weird but then I got caught up in the story and just after a few chapter I could not put them down.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the weather is fabulous wherever you are!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


photo by Sunshine

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

getting the shot

The following photo is a very good example of "what the eye see is not necessary what the camera captures".

Sometimes people say that I have "good eye" for taking photos and although that's definitely important to get good results, it's not all that is needed.

And although I am not a profession photographer, I do like to take pictures and I get some fairly good results most of the time.

But when it comes to get excellent results all of the time, it is true that you need more than a "good eye", specially if you are using your manual mode and staying away from the "auto" mode on your camera.

When taking photos we need to learn the basic concepts of photography; lighting and exposure, composition and angles, shutter times, etc, etc, etc... All of these, plus, having a good camera will get you results.

A friend of mine that is a professional photographer once told me that it bothers him when people says to him:

"Your photos are so great, you must have a very good camera". 

And to him that is just a very rude and wrong assumption. To him it's like going for dinner to somebody's house and after the meal saying to the cook;

"Your food was excellent, you must have a very good stove!".

So, that's the point I am trying to make, the camera is important but it's only a device that will take the pictures operated by somebody, right?

The other day while browsing on Pinterest I found this very interesting "cheat sheet" that I think is very helpful for those who would like to lay off the auto setting and venturing into the manual mode (like I do!)...

But, if auto mode is still the best territory for us, we at least have to our advantage, that when we don't get the expected results, we now live in the era of the digital imaging.

Nowadays with just the touch of a button we can delete a picture, re take it or perhaps once we take it and it's not quite what we wanted we can also recur to a program to enhance or retouch it, right?

So, no matter if you use auto or manual mode for your photos, always keep in mind that what the eye sees, will never be quite the same as what the camera captures.

Have a great day and happy photos!

Monday, March 19, 2012

back from nowhere...

After 3 days of rest last week, two shots + antibiotics I have to say that I am feeling like myself again.

Today I am ready to start another busy week and I'm already looking forward to go back to the gym tomorrow Tuesday.

This weekend I worked on Saturday, but it was my own decision as I was away form 3 days and we received a lot of product during the week, while I was away we were very busy and expected Saturday to be the same, but it wasn't.

Yesterday we went to the beach for a little while, it was a very hot day but most of the time we spend it snorkeling. I took my underwater camera and got a few pictures, here are the best of the bunch.

camouflaged flounder
coral head
my hubby
And my favorite of the day...

Elk horn Coral
Also as of this week I am back to my old "crochet self". For a few days now I've been working on what's going to be my next blog giveaway and I am excited about that because it's coming along really nice. During the weekend I also crochet a pair of headphone pads for my husband (which you can see right here).

Since it's spring break the island is quite busy and this week should be no exception, which means, I'm striking for some good sales, have a great Monday!!!


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