Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear March: Welcome to 2013, you are the third month of the year and so far I am looking forward to some exciting things happening during your presence, already January and February have been on board and so far made this a wonderful year.

Dear customers: some of you are definitely a delight to interact and chat with, but others manage to give you guys a bad name to the point that it makes me wanna run for the hills and that is saying a lot being that the highest elevation on this lil island is only about 79ft (according to wikipedia)!

Dear Weekend: you are in my top 10 of favorite things in the world, having you this close makes as happy as an Otter with a fish!

funny gifs

Dear driver this morning: So nice of you stopping right in the middle of the road to buy the newspaper at your own convenience, specially not giving a s#*t about the other drivers on the road that are delayed while you look around for spare change around your car to pay for the paper, good going!

Dear bed and pillow: you guys are a great team but in the morning it seems as if you are winning the battle as it's been hard for me to wake up lately, seems like a have some attachment issues, specially when I have to wake up early to go to the gym (like today!).

Dear Nor'westers (weathers): I don't really mind you coming around during this time of the year, but why oh why do you feel the need to show up during the weekend with 20+ mph winds to ruin our snorkeling/beach time?!?!? Can't you just make the effort to come in between Mon to Friday, or is it that nature is paying you overtime during the weekend?!?!?

Dear Blog of mine: I've given you yet another face lift today, with a photo I took on my recent trip to The Brac and that has the "capabilities" to transport me to a place I love and miss every day, hope my readers like the "new look"!

Dear Blogger Friends: Here's hoping everybody has a great weekend... Live, Love, Laugh and Eat Well!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Event Photo Album

Hooray for Thursday, one more day and we are ready to welcome the weekend!!!

Last week we had an event to celebrate our 6th Anniversary so in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce had a Business After Hours, here are some photo by the local newspaper.

All Photo are © Patrick Brendel from the Cayman Compass Newspaper.

Entrance ready
My boss and his art
Everybody mingle and having fun

The Manager Sue & Me
Speech time!

Hope everybody has a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Watch it, I'm gone...

Dear Hubby,

Being that I have a schedule trip in less than two weeks and that I will be away for about 10 days, here's a list of approved [and encouraged] movies to watch during my absence.

Avatar: I know this is one of your favorite movies but I loathe it, cause to me, there's already enough; dominance and disrespect of other cultures/beliefs plus destruction of nature/habitats in reality, for me to also want to watch it in a movie, thanks but no thanks!

Die Hard 1, 2, 3, 4 or as many as they are: Not only I grow tired of Bruce Willis playing a McGiver/Superman type dude, you know "action" is not necessary my favorite kind of movie.

Alien Vs Predator: Well, the name says it all, right? Otherwise just look at the image below, LOL!

ANY war movie: As you well know I am a pacifist and I like nice positive movies and those based on real facts, so suit yourself with any of those that fall under this category.

And finally...

Pretty much ANY movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it: because, yeah, he's been in so many Oscar nominated movies, he's definitely on top of my "no must watch" list, LOL! (although "True Lies" is a decent one!).

So, yeah, think about this list when I am gone, I am sure those movie will bring you hours of entertainment and enjoyment to bear the burden while I'm gone.

And to my readers, is there any movie your hubby loves that you can't stand so they love to watch while you are away? Please do share...

Happy Wednesday!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Brac Edition

I am back after a phenomenal weekend at the Brac; Sea, Sun, Sand and Friends is one of the best combinations.

Flights there are back were great, not too much turbulence and I even meet some nice people.

I was this closed to the beach all weekend.

My birthday on Saturday was one of the BEST ones of my life, had cake both for breakfast and dinner, got some very well deserved time to myself to read and relax by a hammock, spent time with my friends and even got to talk to a lot of people from my family.

I've forgotten how much I love and miss the Brac and being there this weekend made me realize it even more... So I have made my friends and myself a promise to not let more than 6 months go by without visiting. I intend to keep that promise.

Certainly being a big animal and nature lover is part of the reason I had such a great time... the Brac has so much to offer on that department, had the change to take some very nice photos, mainly of nature and birds.

On Sunday night my friend Bonnie had a little party for me at her house, we all sat in front of the ocean, had food, drinks and even some guest played guitar music under the star and the almost full moon, it was awesome!

Sunday I had lunch with two of my favorite friends at the Brac, Elaine and Brian (not pictured below) plus their two absolutely gorgeous kids (Naoise and Callum)... Are those two kids just beautiful? Their eyes are just magical!!!

Also on Sunday I managed to catch a glimpse of the Oscar ceremony, just enough to remind me that I don't really enjoy those shows... So I turned it off almost immediately. Although I am glad that Argo won Best Movie, woo-hoo!

Now I am back home to my hubby, dogs, cats and work... Happy to be back although I know I lest a big part of my heart back there... I should be back soon to pick it up!

Happy Tuesday!!!


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