Friday, January 27, 2012

monkeying around...

For those that didn't know we have monkeys in the Cayman Islands...

Well, we don't!

Although our cat Shadows seems to think that he is one.

A few days ago I decided to collect all the little piece of yard left from my projects and put them in a little basket for birds to grab the piece and use them in their nests.

So far no bird have decided to go for it, but as soon as Shadow noticed the basket, he was completely decided to reach it and check it out...

But that little adventure didn't last very long, as the branch I put the basket on is pretty straight so he was unable to reach it.

I guess it's kind of common for cats to climb trees? I really dunno because I've never really had any outdoor cats before- well my Mom's cat Lea is an outdoor cat but their property is so big that no one can really tell what she is up to most of the time, perhaps climbing trees?

Maybe this next week that I will be in Costa Rica- YES, we are leaving on Wed. for 10 days- I will try to keep track of Lea and learn more about the behavior of outdoor cats... or maybe not!

Well, the weekend is almost here, tomorrow I plan to spend the morning with Yanique, I got the o.k. from her Mom to plant some Sunflowers, so we will do that first and then off to the beach, hopefully it would be nice weather to do some snorkeling with her!

Hope everybody has a nice weekend and that the weather wherever you are is nice enough to enjoy the weekend to the max!!!!

Have a good one : )


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

virtually there

Recently a very good friend of mine that is an artist, Carlos Tapia, had his latest art show, knowing him and his beautiful pieces full of color, vibrant and with plenty of cats (his favorite subject), I am sure the show was a success.

Unfortunately the show was back home and being that I don't live there, I missed it :(

But what if I could still walk around the halls, look at every single piece like if I was there myself?!?

Well,  yesterday I got an email invitation from him, to join him on a virtual tour of his show.

Don't believe me?

All you have to do is click here and join him as well, just click on it and then use your mouse to move left/right/up/down or click on the rooms (salas) below...

You will see some very cheerful, colorful and happy pieces, if you like cats I am sure you will find something that you will like...

Of the show, this piece is my favorite one

Cat Rollercoaster
 And also this other one called "The tree of life", lovely isn't it?

And last but not least a picture of me and the artist....

One day I am hoping to own one of his pieces and splash my wall with all his colors!!!

If you would like to see more pieces by my friend Carlos, click here to visit the gallery that sells most of his pieces.

I hope you had some time to visit the virtual tour and that you enjoyed it, have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 day weekend

Yesterday was a holiday here, Heroes Day.

In my case I didn't do anything particularly heroic, but lay down to catch some rays, swim in the "ool" until my fingers appeared to be about 50 years older than the rest of my body and of course finished up a couple of more crochet project.

One of the project was my version of an "Angry Bird" Bennie Hat, I made it using the Kids Owl Hat pattern (photo I shared a couple of days ago), and then did my very own version of the face... I think it came our pretty good, waddaya think?

On Saturday night I had some friends over for dinner and they both fell in love with my hat, now they both want me to make one for them, perhaps when I come back from CR in February I will get around to do it... And also my husband asked for an "Angry Bird" hat but he wants the black bird that explodes!

During this past 3 days I also had some good quality time with the kitties and here are some updated pictures of them...

BTK "wagging" her tail

Little One expecting more food
Dinner time
Last project of the long weekend was another potholder to take home to my Mom this coming February, here's the pictures (unfortunately I took the picture at night so the colors are not quite right).

I am planning to make yet one more for my aunt and then perhaps in late Feb. I will be giving one away right here... so stay tuned!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

come ride with me...

Saturday's visit with Yanique to the Equestrian Club was fun, I think she had a good time although she did mention at the end that she much rather go swimming, so we already made plans to go to the beach next time.

Yanique riding one of the horses

Sometimes I am kind of concern that there are very few activities for kids on this island, perhaps it's because I am not used to "having kids" to take care of- that I cannot come up with ideas, and although going swimming sounds good, I don't think the program is about doing the same thing over and over. So, I explained to her that we needed to try different activities!

I know she is looking forward to come to our house and meet our dogs, by the end of Feb. she should be allowed to come over (3 months after the program starts), so that will make her happy.

Yanique also mentioned that her favorite flower is the Sunflower, so on Saturday I went to the nursery and picked up a pack of Sunflower seeds, I am planning to call her Mom this week and ask her for permission to plant them in her yard by Yanique's room window, I think it would be fun for her to look after the flowers and watch them grown and bloom... hopefully her Mom will say yes!

Again going back to the Equestrian Club, here are some more images of that morning activity...

Yanique and Lulu (the donkey)

getting ready to ride the pony

the goats and the kids had a great time together
In another note, today is the celebration of the Chinese New Year for the Year of the Dragon... So, in order to welcome the year right I just finished an amigurumi Dragon, that I've named "Puff" the magic dragon, here he is.

Now, with "Puff" on our side we should "Enter the Dragon" year with certainty that only good things will come our way... Happy Chinese New Year to all Asian's and those who celebrate it too!!!


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