Friday, February 11, 2011

Luckly is Friday!

I am leaving in about an hour to get my 2 biopsy done and all I have to say is that not only I am NOT looking forward to the procedure, I am in fact kind of scared. I've never had any kind of surgery before and probably the most complex medical procedure was my birth, LOL!!!

So, even though the doctor told me is something of a routine exam, I am not really into getting it... Hopefully it's not too bad and I will be sharing my experience with a happy memory very soon.

Besides this little "pebble" on my road today, I am happy that it's Friday and I am looking forward to some nice quiet time on the weekend, maybe a little bit of this...

Of course, none of these activities would be fun and fully enjoyable without somebody special to share them with.... Luckily I am in love with my best friend and he is my husband; a wonderful mad that takes care of me, makes me happy and makes my life complete, I love you baby!!!
 How about your plans for the weekend? Any special occasions and events going on for you?

In other news, I am already thinking about my next giveaway but perhaps this new one it's not going to be quite the same, anybody out there has any other ideas about something that it's fun to get and that I could giveaway?

Have a great weekend : )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

skin issues

All my life I've suffered from very "delicate" skin.

Since I was little girl I always needed to make sure that the jewelry I wore was the "real deal" and not the "cheapo" kind cause otherwise I will break out and my ears or neck would get infected. Even during the 80's when plastic swatch watches were "cool" (and in some cases wearing more than one was the "in style fashion) I had take it off once in a while and always to sleep because if humidity would stay under the watch I would also develop some kind of rash....

But most of these skin conditions have always come and gone, some affect me during certain periods of my life and others I am sure get affected by season, weather, etc... Although I must say that I've always managed to control them, for example I know that 'till today I cannot sleep with any kind of jewelry on, so the only thing I wear to bed is my wedding band. Also I stop using a watch long time ago (for several reasons but the allergy reaction included).

A couple of year ago I started getting some puffy, swollen eyes in the morning, at the time we were visiting my mother in law in Maryland so we thought it was probably the change of weather and the city air that was different from the island air and was affecting me... Then after a few weeks it got better. After a while on and off it started happening again, until a few weeks ago that it came back with a vengeance, now lately my eyes are super swollen in the morning, itchy and my eyes lids at times seem like they are going to explode.

So I went to see the eye doctor and she send me some eye drops as well as an ointment to put on them, it help but didn't get rid of it, finally the last appointment I had with her, she said that the situation is skin related and not my eyes. So, yesterday I had a dermatologist appointment for my eyes and also about a mole that I've always had in my tummy but lately is being changing shape and kind of growing.

The doctor said that it could be eczema (which in the past doctors have said I have) or psoriasis, and with the mole all she wants to do is rule out melanoma. Tomorrow I have to go back to the hospital as the doctor wants to do two biopsy (on my tummy for the mole as well as another little rash I have there that she thinks might be the same as what's affecting my eyes).

I have to say I am not looking forward to these biopsy, I've never had any surgery or anything of the sort, so it makes me kind of scared... Still I do know that if that's what it takes for my skin to get better and specially my eyes to heal, then I guess I must do it.

From my point of view and my symptoms (although I'm no doctor) I really think it's eczema, specially because if I google Psoriasis and look at the pictures (besides having nightmares at night), the stuff that shows there looks nothing like me or my condition, in fact my outbreaks are not even noticeable unless I tell you exactly where I have them, still my eyes are itchy and my tummy too.

Please keep in your prayers and send me some good vibes so hopefully tomorrow the biopsy procedure is not too bad and both results are not critical, thanks in advance for thinking of me tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winner, winner, Chicken dinner!

We have a winner!!!

Congratulations Erin!!!! you've been randomly selected and as of today are the new owner of my hand made Amigurumi Rainbow.

Now, this is not just your regular rainbow, but a magnetic one, it'll bring a joy of colors and happiness every time you open your fridge.

Even though this was made with just yarn, the threats are all linked to my heart and I feel as if every one of my "amis" have a little piece of my heart in them...

Erin, please check your email for further details on shipment, congrats on your winning!!!

For those that participated but were not as lucky as Erin this time, please stay tune for another give away coming soon...

Once again, thanks to all for participating and making this my first giveaway a wonderful experience!

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dis & dat tuesday

We are getting so close to my giveaway, it's very exciting.

So far only my amazing husband has donated to help out those wonderful animals at the Humane Society, we need more action, please help!

I still fully believe in the kindness of people and know that soon those animals will be getting some help from some amazingly kind readers out there... so thanks to those in advance!

Lately I've been a lot into pillows and I would love to get some for Valentine's day, although most of this is the desire to have them more than actually having the space for them... but if I could get some for this Valentine's day this would be most of my options...

Aren't these great? I love them all, specially the dog and cat shaped ones... If you'll like info of where to find any or all of them, please let me know and I'll be happy to give you the link to get them.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

the power of one

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”
Albert Einstein

Last week I visited the Cayman Islands Humane Society thrift shop, I needed to buy some very basic used clothes for a mannequin display we have at work.

Once I was inside the shop on the second floor, I couldn't help but peeking out the window that overlooks at most of the kennels full of dogs ready for adoption. Now, this was a big mistake (and I should have known better).

Seeing all those dogs there, some of them without much of a shade on 80+ degree weather, in a shelter that can hold about 70 dogs but has over 130 (if unable to get adopted most of them have to be put down because of the space issue).

Now, at this point seeing all those dogs there, without somebody to love them, my heart shrinks and my eyes start to water, I just can't help but feeling so sad and impotent about helping them and unfortunately for me, visiting the area is almost out of the questions, as I will come out crying my eyes out.
But that day I put on my courage cap and went in to talk to some of the guys inside, after a long talk about options to help and volunteer, I think I've found a way to make a difference....

One of the guys that runs the shelter talked to me about a few options; donating food (which I do every now and then),  volunteer to walk the dogs (my problem part is, I know I would get super attached to one/many of them and then I will be suffering every time I have to say goodbye) and finally there's also the option of sponsoring a kennel.

Now, that's when it really hit, because I feel that this is something I can do. Sponsoring a kennel is a unique way to help those amazing animals, make sure they have proper shelter, water bowls, and good conditions to spend their days... but of course it doesn't come in cheap.

The prices for Kennel Sponsorship (annually) are as follow:

Adult Dogs $750 US dollars
Puppy $375 US dollars
Adult Cats $250 US dollars
Kittens $250 US dollars

Now, there's a very important detail about all this idea and it's the fact that I cannot afford to this by myself. So here I am today, knocking on your heart for some help, any help, little help, big help, your spare change or big chuck of change, whatever!

Do it for the animals, do it for yourself, do it in loving memory of any pet that you've had, do it on behalf of your very own privileged pet at home, with a comfy bed, food, water and shelter from weather...

I know together we have the power to do wonderful things, but it's got to start with the power of one, our very own commitment to help, take charge of the responsibility we have to give and care for animals. But it's even more important to help those animals that we humans have domesticated for our own purposes, and now as a species they can't survive as well without us...

Maybe we won't be able to give each dog or cat their own teddy bear to keep them warm and safe at night, but I am sure we can make a huge difference in their lives.

I promise to donate, to keep track of every donation and use the money wisely towards helping as many animals as possible. I will put on my courage cap more often and visit the kennel we will sponsor, I plan to use the name of my blog as the main sponsor but also I will display each one of the names of every person that donates.

So as of today my blog will have a donation button via Pay Pal where you can donate some love and care for the animals of our local shelter, your help is greatly appreciated and it will be used correctly.

For those of you that can't donate but feel like spreading the word, please make sure to grab my widget and put it on your blog, any help is greatly appreciated and I know that the help you give to this cause, will return to you in full circle!

And remember, "Hands that give, will never be empty". Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart!

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Bday Bob!

You've always inspired me with your songs.

Every time I hear you music, it touches my soul.

Your lyrics are omens to the many conflicts that us humans deal with everyday in society, but are also full of optimism and a positive outlook to free our mind and soul.

You were a master in your time and the legacy you left us with your music, still beats on many people's heart.

Today marks another year of your birthday, so more than ever and in your honor; I will listen to your songs, feel the rhythm with my soul and sing the lyrics with my heart!

Happy Birthday Bob, you music will forever live!


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