Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday advice

No matter what you, it's always more fun when you share it with someone else, so this weekend, go out, have fun and maybe even try something new for the first time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the unexpected plan

Nothing like coming home to a "kennel trained" dog that has gotten sick during the day, and she couldn't help the get diarrhea inside the kennel, uugh!

Yesterday I left work early (for a change). It was a very slow day and the manager needs some personal hours today, so we decided I could leave early on Wed. and she will leave early today to take care of her stuff...

So I left to go home at about 2:30pm, on my way home I started thinking about all the different things I could do with so much extra time; like going for a swim at the hotel close to the house, taking the dogs to the beach, catch up on my reading, take a nap...

But what I didn't plan was for the unexpected plan, the one that was already waiting for me, the accident on the kennel...

After about 1/2 an hour of cleaning this:

Lots of this:

The dog in question was feeling refreshed (at least) but unfortunately still sick for a few hours, gave her some medicine for the "d" and finally we were "accident" free for the night.

Note to self: "always plan for the unexpected plan and accept everything that comes your way as a blessing, because just the fact that you are able to try to make plans, it's a blessing in itself!".

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sings in the Sky

Sometimes I wonder if there are hidden messages in the sky? Because if so, then I have some very nice things to look forward to, specially since Sunday's Sunset was like this

Yesterday we had a nice sunset too, but the main colors were at the East instead of the West (where the sun was actually setting) and there was a huge cloud completely light up

So, my questions would be: Is the sky really trying to tell me something? Cause if so, then I can only interpret it like good news, specially after this morning sky was like this

Yes, this morning we woke up to some light rain but this beautiful rainbow on the West.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As seen on this blog

When you live on a island like Grand Cayman where pretty much every single item has to be imported from somewhere else, of course the prices most of the time sky rocket and you end up paying double or triple the price that you'll pay in the country of manufacturing or on the internet.

Well, on Saturday while doing some errands, I stopped by a local "all in one" store called "Reflections food 4 less", initially I just when in to buy one item, but while browsing through the aisles couldn't help but noticing some "Aqua Globes"...

I started reading the description on the package and remember my Mom used to have something just like them but in the shape of frogs.

Basically what the "Aqua Globes" do is you fill them up and insert them on the dirt of the plant and then the plant drinks the water as they need it.

Since we are going away in a few weeks and some friends are already taking care of our dogs and our plants, I feel pretty bad asking them also to be on top of our indoor plants and water them as well, so the "Aqua Globes" will come in handy for that!

Of course, like in many cases while you are shopping I couldn't find a price on the globes and I thought, so I walked to the register to find out the price, and I got a very pleasant surprise once they scanned it and the price came to $2.29 KYD= $2.86 USD, pretty cool, uh? Dunno know if it was a mistake or not, but I sure got a great deal on them...

In fact, this is probably THE BEST bargain I've ever gotten on the island since I've lived here, LOL! Of course our lovely plants are now enjoying some very well deserve drink even as you read this.

Have a great day!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

where the wild things are

This past weekend looking at some pictures of our dog Sheba I realized how wild she really is.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are real, although any resemblance among each other is purely coincidental!

                          Hippo's Jaw                                    Sheba's Jaw

                                                                                              Dessert Fox

Sheba's paw

   Lion's paw

See what I mean?

But don't worry about us, even though she might appear like a "wild thing" she really only is a furry bundle of love and joy.

Have a wonderful week!


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