Friday, September 10, 2010

it's coming...

can you see it?... I think I can, is that it?
Yeah, I think that's it, it feels like I can almost touch it...
nah! I don't see it... are you sure, positive that's it???
Yeap, I can smell it... it's almost here!!!
i see it now....

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Swimming with the fishys!

One of the top 10 reason why I like living in the Cayman Islands is because right off the shore you can just jump in and find some beautiful reefs where you can swim and snorkel with tons of fish.

Yesterday after work that is exactly what we did, but instead of going to one of our usual spots, my husband suggested another reef close by call Schoolhouse reef, it was so beautiful.

lots of blue tangs (Dorys) around
juvenile damsel fish (moves fast, that's why it's blurry)
porcupine or puffer fish
the infamous lion fish- invader of our reefs :(
So, while we were coming from a relaxing swim and wrapping up our day, others like the fishermen where just getting ready to start...

Isn't this a wonderful way to finish or even start your day. Snorkeling is very relaxing and fun, highly recommend it if you've never try it before.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Window Shopping Wed.

Once again I've been doing some web window shopping on Etsy and today is about all things wood.

Here are some awesome items that I would probably like to own one day...

Loving this cat puzzle. In the first picture it shows it not solved and then solved, isn't it delightful? I cat lovers must have...

lovin' the little mouse on the top!

How about them spoons? Those would be great around my kitchen, so when I make soup it will feel more like it's some kind of magic potion!!!

I'm loving this Turtle night light...

The vintage cloth pins are so rad!

And all these animal bookends are pretty cool too!

And at last my favorite wood made item (for today).

What a clever and nice idea to decorate your garden and feed birds. Check out this wonderful feeder to use with toast.

Cool, uh?

Disclaimer: All picture are from Etsy Shops, if you would like information of where to find any or all of the above items, please feel free to contact me via comment or email and I will be happy to direct you to the right store for each item.

Have yourself and wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

victory is mine!

photo found @

It looks like we are winning the battle against those annoying geckos in my house and I am super happy about it.

We live in a two story house, so most of the time there is really good breeze coming in through the windows and doors, so we keep them open as long as it's not raining.

The windows have screens on but obviously the door don't so this allows those white common house geckos to come in as they please.

At first we didn't really care if the geckos where around, (as they help by eating the bugs - including mosquitoes). After a while there were everywhere; behind each picture frame on the wall, and in corner where we it's not easy to get to them. Sometimes we were watching tv at night and we can see them running around chasing each other to mate, they we will find eggs in potted plants.

But the worst part is that once you get a few inside the house, they leave their droppings everywhere... Yuck, simply disgusting and dirty...

But, we don't really want to kill them, we just want them out of the house and into the wild, but in a natural way...

Well, finally after months of doing research on the subject of "how to get rid of geckos" and finding nothing,. About a week ago a Jamaican lady that gave a facial the day we went to the "staff appreciation day", said to try Eucalyptus essential oil on a diffuser... well, guess what? It works!!!!

I've been burning on an off for about a week now and we see less geckos now, maybe one of two, so it looks like victory is mine!!!

Bye, bye geckos, enjoy the wilderness of Cayman!

Monday, September 6, 2010

what a treat!

The thing with my dogs is that they are a endless source of enjoyment and happiness, they bring so much to my life that I know for sure my life would be completely different and dull without them around...

If I call them for a treat (not even tell them about it), they already know they are getting something, so they sit and act like they are little angels... just like this:

And then it's treat time!

I give them love, care, food and a safe place to call home...

They give me so much more back, so I know that a treat a day makes they go hooray!!!


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