Friday, December 10, 2010

lalalalala, lala, la, la...

It's already Friday Dec. 10th so if by now, the lights, decorated trees, ornaments, the smells and even the music are not helping you get into Christmas Spirit, I am sure this wonderful song will do the trick.

Isn't it amazing how people can make such great videos? I wish I had the imagination to come up with stuff like that and get about a million hits on you tube.

In case anybody noticed I changed a little widget (I think that's what it's called) on my blog that says "your comments feed my blog". Well, after I changed it then I started thinking that if I really want a lot of comments, maybe I should go for a stronger approach and make another widget instead, one that says "your comments feed my DOG"!!! I bet I would get a whole lot of people into the "comment spirit" that way, LOL... just kidding, my dogs have a big 'ol bag of dog food and treats right here, whether you guys comment or not!!!

Tomorrow Sat. we have a little get together at home with the girls from work and their spouses, it should be a fun little reunion, I will try to take some pictures and then share the love...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the little video I just posted, I am sure somebody spent a lot of hours of their precious day to put it together for our enjoyment, so to them I say Thank You, I really enjoyed it!

Hope everybody have a wonderful

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tree Thursday

Today's featured Christmas tree is the one we have at the gallery, isn't it nice?

Here's also a detail of one of the ornaments...

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

weekend project

I've been meaning to post about a little weekend project I had about 2 weekends ago.

A few months ago I bought a cheap outdoors plastic thermometer, but one day the rain or the wind knocked it down and broke the plastic part around the actual thermometer.

So, my husband that likes to take on some carpenter project made a new "holder" for the thermometer, he did a wonderful job making it new...

Then my part of the project was to paint it nicely... Finally I got around to do my part about 2 weekends ago, I think it came out alright... what do you think?

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

comfy sleep? yes please!

I love to sleep, to me sleeping is a wonderful state, one in which we can rest, we can dream and even gives us a moment of sanity within ourselves.

For my husband on the other hand, sleep is a waste of time and if he could go without sleeping he would, although lately he is being going to bed waaay to early (around 8pm) and then wakes up around 3am and he's wide awake...

If I am good at something, but like "really good", I am good at sleeping. I am one of those that insomnia visit but once every few months if not maybe about 3 times a year. To me going to sleep is easy and very rarely problems bother me enough to loose some sleep, dunno how I do it, but I know it just comes natural.

Now, my problem right now is not so much about lack of sleep, but lack of comfortable sleep. We moved to our new house in April 2008 and when we moved we bought a brand new mattress, unfortunately it was a very bad quality one because in less than 3 years it looks and feels as if a rhinoceros have been sleeping on it while we go on with our day. Both sides (mine and my husbands) have a huge dent the size of the Grand Canyon.

So, besides the terrible mattress situation I still have a bulge disk on my back which makes my sleeping and specially the waking up after hours laying down, just unbearable.

And that's why we have decided to look for a good FIRM mattress like my physiotherapist recommended. So, of course we look on the maybe 5 or 6 furniture stores on the islands, and guess what? A nice, simple, firm mattress is not less than $1,800KYD which is more than 2K US... Inconceivable and crazey!!!!

So, it's either the break your back mattress of the break your wallet new mattresses. I know I really need it, but I also need those 2K for many other things...

Finally after some research we decided to buy a 5inch Firm mattress topper (that have some very good reviews) and give it a try before we decide to break our piggy bank for good.

I order it on last night and it should be here in about a week, plus I order a mattress cover big enough for the bed and the topper, the best part was that the total order was less than $200 USD with Free 2 day shipping...

I can't wait to get it and finally get a very nice sleep and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this topper is good and will improve our sleeping quality and eventually quantity!!!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Deep Monday

The weekend was nice but as always too short!

On Saturday we watch the movie "Revolutionary Road" and I was deeply moved by the whole concept as well as the outcome of the whole story.

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, (she being one of my favorite actresses), once again both actors did a fabulous job on their own character, although at some point I was kind of missing Kate's British accent.

This movie is a drama about a young couple that meets, gets married and down the road in their marriage when they are living the "perfect suburban life" (movie is based in USA, 1955) they start having all sorts of questions about if they are happy, then they start questioning themselves about having a better life where they can still pursuit the dreams they once had and thinking that maybe they still have the time to do it...

To me this is a very compelling story that makes you check the reality of your goals, dreams and the life you are living. Many people live their daily life not satisfying with what they got or what they've accomplished; their job, relationships, daily routine, etc...

Life is only one and needs to be lived to the fullest, when a dream is only directly affected by the monetary part, I believe it is the kind of dream that needs to be pursuit even harder, don't you agree? But the most important part is to be true to yourself and not to go around living a lie or life unfulfilled.

The book that I am reading right now has a very interesting quote from The Bhagavad Gita (and ancient India Yogic Text) that says: "It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live and imitation of somebody else's life life with perfection". And that's exactly was happened to April's character in the movie, she was living a life that was not her, one that she did not intended to have and then she was too frustrated to stay in it...

I really recommend this movie, it might give you a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness when you finish watching it, but it's one that gets inside of you and makes you think and remember that we are here to live life to the fullest, that it's important to pursuit our happiness and dreams no matter what (well, as long as that doesn't involve hurting yourself or any other living being), and if we have found somebody to live those dreams with, them we need to always respect their own dreams and choose our right sacrifices to walk this paths of live together in happiness.

Pretty deep post for a Monday, uh? Well... just some food for thought, have a wonderful week!!!


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