Friday, November 26, 2010

words that start with F....

Food- I am sure many people last night had lots of it!!!

Family or Friends- were for many people also on the menu last night.

Fantastic- is the fact that today is another day and it's


Whether you find yourself some great deals on Black Friday or just take some time to share more quality time with your loved ones; be there and be thankful for another Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for

So many things come to mind when I think about what to be thankful for.

It's true that Thanksgiving only comes once a year, but in my case there is not a day in the year that I am not constantly thankful for things I have, that still doesn't change the fact that there are so many others that I don't quite acknowledge every day...

Of course the main blessings I have in my life are the easy ones to be thankful for; my life, health, my wonderful husband/best friend Mark, my amazing family, our faithful adorable dogs, our house, my job and all of my relations, whether there are strong and long ones or even short and light encounters...

I am thankful for this blog; for the education my parents worked so hard to be to achieve and that gives me then tools to communicate through a computer with people from all over the world, for my mind that creates wonderful ideas everyday.

Thankful that everyday I can see, smell, taste and hear the wonderful things in life, that I wake up every morning in a comfy bed and I have water to bathe, to drink and for the food I have to cook and eat.

I am thankful for all animals; beautiful colored birds, the fish, for many wild amazing animals, little cute cuddly ones, for the ones that scare me and even for those annoying ones like mosquitoes. I know God in his perfection created them for a reason and even for them I am thankful.

For the clouds, the rain, the rainbow, the sand, the surf and the beautiful majestic ocean that is out there. The trees, the plants the forest, the beaches and even for the rocks I am thankful.
photo by Frank Tozier
For my country, my culture, my travels, the opportunity to live where I am, to meet people of other cultures that can teach me so much about their way of life, respect, acceptance and tolerance towards other believes.

For my faith and the way I see you GOD as well as all beings.

When I lived in Mexico back in 2003 I meet this amazing couple (Mayra & Rudy) that practices some sort of Japanese religion/cult called Mahikari. I don't remember exactly what the elements of this religions beliefs are but I do remember that she was constantly Thanking for everything, but I mean EVERYTHING. For example when she was tired of walking she would thank God for giving her legs that worked so good that the got tired of walking, when she had doubts she will give thanks for having a spirit in constant movement and growth. So her thankfulness was always present, it was a very nice experience to be around her as her "thankfulness" was also contagious.... That is another reason to be thankful for, meeting her and teaching me a little of her ways of life.

See what I told you? There are so many things to be thankful that it's hard to put them all out in writing.

So the point I am trying to make today is that

So today, Happy "Official" Thanksgiving day, may you always have, many days, many ways and many reasons to be thankful for!!!

Thank you God for everyday and everything you gives us, Amen.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

on my mind today...

It's Wednesday already and we are getting very close to Thanksgiving, so I am thinking of the people getting ready to spend the holiday with their families and or friends.

Last night we did our own little version of Thanksgiving. We had over for dinner; my brother Mau, his wife Gaylene, Gayle (who is Gaylene's mom visiting from Canada) and Dave another friend of my brothers who is also Canadian, so in reality only my husband Mark was the American!.

Dinner was great, but instead of Turkey we had Tender Loin and instead of stuffing we had cheesy potatoes and corn. For dessert I made a delicious Chocolate Cheesecake.

So maybe it wasn't your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but at least the intention, love and thankfulness of it all was present. Now, tomorrow we will go to an acquaintances dinner that we get invited to every year, he has over 80 people there and everybody brings something to the cause, so it's more like a potluck holiday kind of a thing, this year I am baking some mozzarella stick.

And that is what's on my mind today and right this minute while I write this... Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UW happenings

It's already Tuesday and I just realized that I haven't posted about my weekend.

We went boat diving with my friend Natalia and with the dive company that both my brother and sister in law work for. I ended up not doing the first deep dive because my ear was still giving me problems (I guess cause of the remains of the sinus/flu episode of the past weeks).

But before we went diving, on Saturday, I got myself a new wet suit. It is so nice, but besides being cute I think it's the most comfortable one I have ever owned, plus I look pretty good wearing it, don't you think???? (Picture was taking by my husband with his phone).

Any who... Yesterday's second dive was pretty nice, I took some pictures as well as a little video of us going through some swim-through's, in the video I am following my brother.

Here are also a couple of pictures of the same dive. In the afternoon I was feeling kind of dizzy and weird, I think it might just be something is still not quite right with my ear/sinus, so I need to take it easy.

Mark taking a picture of a little stingray
fish and coral
Yesterday (Monday evening) my back was pretty bad as well, I think that diving is still not quite right for it, so I need to think it twice next time before I decide to jump back into it with full force. I have more pictures and although I would like to share them, I now have to be very selective and save some of my new photo blog, so stay tuned...

Tonight we are having our version of Thanksgiving dinner with my brother, his wife and her mom that is visiting from Canada plus another friend of them that is visiting as well. I made some chocolate cheesecake and I hope it turns out good...

Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Blog

I am excited to launch an idea that have been on my mind for a while, and although it is not a new idea for blogger world, it is for me.

Well, today is the day, the beginning of a new challenge (because I think having a blog some times it's a big challenge). In this new space I will be sharing a photo a day, one that catches my attention; whether it was taking by me or not. If not, the I will try my best to always give credit to the appropriate person.

A while ago I decided that when "Such life in the tropics" reached 50 "official" followers it would be time to launch my new space, now the time has come... Of course life as it is for "Such life in the Tropics" doesn't change..

So here it is, please on come over, visit me at "A photo a day" because sometimes images speak louder than words.
Have a wonderful day!!!


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