Saturday, November 20, 2010

scuba time

It's been about 2 months since the last time I went scuba diving and I am very exciting because tomorrow we have plans to get back in the water.
photo by Natalia

One of my best friends on the island, Natalia, is leaving the island for a while since she is in between jobs right now, so we are going to the East End of the islands and dive there since she's never been on that side before.

So, I will try to carry my camera and again post more pictures for your enjoyment. I am very excited, it's been so long feels like the first time all over!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday wish

I am so happy that Friday is here.

Last night we had our annual gallery event and although we didn't sell a lot of big pieces everything was very well organized and I believe my bosses were very happy with the whole deal.

Now, today I am super tired but it was worth the hard work. I am excited because I finally feel that the flu is long gone so maybe I will be able to get back in the water and do some diving, it's been too long!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

show this post to your dog...

Ever feel like your dog doesn't do enough to help out around the house?

Well, maybe all they need is some useful dog tricks from Jesse? Ck out the following video and prepare to enjoy this wonderful Jack Russell Terrier, it is sure to melt your heart...

Now, if only I can make Ditto and Sheba stand still for the duration of the video I might be able to get some info and tips inside their brains.. soon they'll be doing the dishes every night and a massage at least once a week, yeah I wish! LOL.

Have a great Thursday : )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CTRL your day

Remember when we only used erasers to DELETE, tape to PASTE and scissors to CUT????

Well, yesterday while busy at work on the computer, I was looking for some photos to attach to an email, creating a word document that contained both images and text and then uploading all of it to the ftp site of the company, I realized how much of my day is faster because of just having good computer skills.

But of course, I am no "whiz kid" programmer kind of a person, but I do have some good skills and can pretty much get around any new program in a fairly fast amount of time.

It just sometimes it amazes me how much of my day is done with computers, even though I am on art sales. Keeping back up photos of all the pieces on the wall, customers emails, orders to the warehouse, etc, etc, etc... And I still remember when back in high school we were learning DOS and how to back up a floppy disk, used to hate computer classes, LOL!

Now, I do think it is a privilege to have been born before the World Wide Web even existed and got to see the before and after of the computer era, well, maybe not so much the after because I am sure there is much more to come...

But oh boy, am I glad a had a childhood where time outside the house was the way to go, we didn't depend of having a computer, a phone to play games or connect with friend, we just went out, hang out and play with friends. Most kids just don't do that nowadays, but they sure can work out them leapfrogs, ps3's and playstations, right????

So, how much of your day is CTRLed by a computer? Is it too much? I am trying to cut my computer time as much as possible, and this blog some times makes it pretty time consuming, so I am making double effort to not let technology take over my life... you should try it, so now, turn off the computer and go outside!!!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

T is for Tuesday

Tuesday has come and the remains of last weeks nasty flu is still hanging out around me.

Yesterday was a terrible day for my sinus congestion, the pressure was so strong that I kept feeling like if my jaw was cramping all day, couldn't even swallow properly  and even the bones under my eyes hurt, ouch!

When I finally got home exhausted from work and short of breath from the sinus pressure, I decided to have a more natural approach to the whole deal, (instead of only the doctors medicines) so I drank some Apple Cider Vinegar in water and also did a little chest massage with some Eucalyptus oil. After a while I felt like my head wasn't going to explode anymore!

Besides that, I guess I am slowly getting back to my 100%. This past flu was awful, for days I couldn't taste anything and then I guess because of the infection and the drugs even the water tasted terrible. Now, it's getting back to tasting good and I am very happy about that cause I love and enjoy drinking water.

Anyway, it's going to be a busy week for me, lots of cruise ships in town cause the season is finally picking up, my boss in back in town and we have a big gallery event on Thursday night, so today I hope that T is for Tuesday and not for Tissue (keeping fingers crossed!).

Have a good one!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pirates Weekend

My weekend was great and so was the start off the "2010 Pirates Week Festival".

Friday evening was the official kickoff with some amazing fireworks (unfortunately my photos don't even come close to show the beautiful display it was).

Then I took a little video that is probably a bit better...

Then on Sat. afternoon it was the "Landing" and the official parade of "floats". I dressed up for the occasion and went down with my friend Natalia... Here's a picture of us while waiting for the parade to start, don't we look like the "real deal"? LOL

Also I run into the Seattle Seafair Pirates, they were here last year and had given me a little necklace, I took them to the gallery to meet my boss and he ended up taking pictures with them and even took them for a shot of Rum, so now this year they all remembered me and we took this picture...

I have more to share but it will have to wait.... until then, have a great week!!!!


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