Thursday, March 3, 2011

If only...

...I had some kind of inspiration today and deliver an to you an amazing post, but so far... nothing!

If only we had some mountains and rivers on this island.... I miss walking in the forest, the smells, the amazing concert that birds and bugs deliver in the forest.

Costa Rican mountains is somethings I miss every single day, this island is very flat.

photo source Jan Sevik
If only today it would rain, hard and plenty for at least a few minutes, I know that will release a lot of the heat that is "trapped" in the soil and the plants will really love it!!!

If only I was able to wear super high stylish stilettos like this Jimmy Choo ones (If only I had $850 dollars to spend on them too!)

In reality I never got used to very high heels, 9 years of ballet when I was a kid, proved that I have a very big arc on my feet and that makes it is hard for me to wear very high heels!

How about this ones instead? Kind of a funky electric blue heel, I like it but not the price tag ($1,595usd)! If I was to buy this shoe, where would I get the money for an outfit to go with them?!?


If only I had a way to bring some inspiration to my day, share with you some amazing story and make you laugh or cry... but not today! All I have is some random thoughts and little time to finish this post...

So, I guess that'll do for now... Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

next project

It's already March 2nd and I am happy because so far this year I've already completed 3 amigurumi projects.

First one was a baby mobile for me future godson Julian who is joining us in this world at the end of May, I figure this lovely mobile can keep him company until I manage to get there and meet him, can't wait!

Then out of that pattern I came up with my very first giveaway on this blog, which was the Rainbow magnet that traveled all the way to Missouri to be part of Erin's home.

My 3rd project was a little kitty for my Mom, it was the very first time I attempted this specific one and I am not 100% convinced that I liked the way it came out, I am hoping next time I give it a try, it would come out much better.

what do you think of the "Alice in wonderland kitty"? like it or not? pleeeease be honest... thanks!
I know that 3 project in 2 months is not bad, but honestly I feel like I need to start something again very soon, my hands are itching for something new and I can't stand it.

So, I've order a brand new book on the subject to get new patterns, but I am specially excited because the book has a whole chapter that teaches how to create your very own patterns which would be a whooole new experience for me, yay, can't wait!

I think the book should be here by the end of this weekend, if there are no delays I will be reading lots during the weekend and hopefully it would be the start of many new and exciting project... We shall see, meanwhile, Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

show me yours, i'll show u mine!

I guess I consider myself an o.k. photographer, I've taken lessons before but I know there's still lots and lots of room for improvement, I have seriously considered getting more training so I can really fully enjoy taking some specific types of pictures.

Now, when it comes to animal pictures, I have this very amazing skills to be there at the exact time to press that shutter and capture something very fast and sneaky... can you guess what it is?

our dog Sheba
my Mom's cat Lea
my dog from back home Gaia
our dog Ditto
here's Sheba again!
So now, did you figure it out what it is!?!? If so, now it's my turn to show you mine...

What can I say? Those of us who have blue blood, have also blue tongue, LOL!!!!

Happy Tongue-sday!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend= party!

My weekend was great, busy but I really enjoyed it.

On Friday went out for a girls night at a local place call the Wharf where they have "Glory Days Night".... All I can say is we had a blast!

Saturday was a shopping day, getting ready for the BBQ party the next day, we went into town and bought food, drinks, collected coolers and chairs that we borrowed and then just relaxing at home at night.

The BBQ party on Sunday was awesome, lots of people showed up and we had tons of food and drinks. Our Jamaican friend Brenton made Jerk Pork his specialty and it was delicious. My husband was the official chef in charged of the grill and he did a fantastic job.

I didn't take many pictures but here a few...

my banners ready to party!

good friends!
good drink!
Happy Birthday to me!!!

Hope everybody's weekend was as nice as mine!!!

Have a wonderful week :)


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