Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Friday

I've never really being into fashion, never the less consider myself a fashionista of any kind... Of course I have some sort of appreciation for high couture, nice clothes and I can appreciate someone with a good fashion sense...

But there's something I've always found very interesting and I'm curious to try one day which is body paint, for either clothes or the camouflage body art. But, is that consider a type of fashion? Mmmhhh... not sure! What do you think?

And now some camouflage body paint...

I really would like to have the time or to know an artist (and have the body!) to pull something like this off...

And even thought I'm the assistant of a painter (Guy Harvey) and I work next to him almost everyday, his main topics are the ocean and deep sea fish so I'm not sure I would be able to convince him to make a piece of art out of me unless it's maybe a mermaid, LOL! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picture Perfect

The other day a friend told me about a very cool website that is a free online photo-booth ( and although it's a French website I decided to give it a try and it's definitely quite fun and easy to use even for all of us not French speakers. All you need to have is a web camera on your computer, otherwise it would not work!

First I tried it with my husband and then just by myself, here are the results... Picture Perfect, right?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

Lately I've missed reviewing a movie that I've watched and posting about it on my Wednesday Movie Post, but today I'm back on track with the movie " I LOVE YOU MAN".
This movie is sort of a "romantic" comedy about a couple that is getting married but the guy is kind of a loner that has pretty much always being in a relationship so because of this he doesnt have many close male friends (a.k.a buddies). So in order to find himself a Best Man for his wedding he decided to start a "friend hunting" and even go on man dates for it.
I found this movie to be quite entertaining, maybe it's not a LOL movie all the way, but it's got a different subject with some pretty funny stuff.
I guess another reason why I liked this movie is because I can sort of relate to it in a personal way. Let me explain how.
When I first moved from Cayman Brac (another of the Cayman Islands and much, much smaller- where I had tons of friends) to Grand Cayman I pretty much only knew Mark (my husband now) and for many, many months he kept insisting that I needed girlfriends and in a way he kind of wanted to "set me up" with some his co-workers and friends, but to me a friendship needs to be something that comes natural, from the interaction with one another, it takes time to get to know people and even though sometimes you feel like you "click" with people immediately it's definitely not something that you want to force, right?
So, yes this movie reminded me of that time and honestly I still don't have that many close friends here in Grand Cayman but I do have plenty back in CR and other parts of the world and this past two weeks I made up for lost time with them, and I can say that it was like time never passed, FRIENDS RULE!!!
HAPPY 09-09-09!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Dogs go to Heaven...

and now there's a Dog Heaven on earth!!!

Artist Stephen Huneck is convinced that dogs have spiritual as well as real identities and that they go on, outside the course of nature, beyond what we can see.

Then after a near death experience he had a vision that guided him to build a Dog Heaven, with a Chapel. This place honors those amazing friends and companions that we so very much love and share our lives with, our dogs. The chapel is located in Vermont and it opened in 2000.

When I saw this article it made me smile, because it's a beautiful place but mostly because of the idea behind it, honoring dogs, giving them a place (besides in our hearts) to rest and always be remembered.

Well, and I guess cats are welcome too!!!!

Have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

EVERYTHING 1/2 off...

While I was in Costa Rica I saw at a local store one of the funniest and off the wall window display I've ever seen. As you can imagine I had to take pictures and share it with the world, cause things like this just don't show up every day...

Sorry that the quality of the picture is not very good, because it is a window display there is a lot of reflection on it...

I got to give them credit and say that this is definitely a very creative way to advertise that EVERYTHING is half off... even the clothes on the mannequins, LOL!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Day back home....

(From Left to Right: my stepmom Carmen, my birthdad Al, Me, my aunt Cynthia, my mom Lorena and my stepdad Manrique...

This is the last picture I took while I was in Costa Rica, like I said on my last post I had a fantastic time and was able to spend time with a lot of people that I love and I miss every day... But now I'm back in Grand Cayman spending my time with the person I love and I missed the most these past weeks... My husband Mark!

This past few days in Costa Rica made me very happy but also kind of sad because I can't spend that much time with so many people that I really care for and that they also care about me, everyday of my life. But I know and I've always believed that 'a big part of finding happiness is not having exactly what you want when you want it." So, not having my family and friends close to me everyday is hard but having opportunities like this past trip to see them and cherish what they give me is a wonderful thing.

So, to everybody back home (even though they are not reading this) and specially to God that always gives me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds, THANK YOU!!!


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