Friday, January 18, 2013


I am so ready for the weekend that my mind goes wondering around every time I think of it.

But Friday is finally here so in a matter of hours we will be all over Saturday and Sunday, yuppy!

Don't really have anything specific plan for the weekend but sometimes "no plan is the best plan", right?

On a different not, as most of you know I am sorta infatuated with Instagram and although I don't think I use it too much when I first saw this Instagram-Nickelback parody I couldn't help but laugh and relate to some of the words... HI-LA-RI-OUS!

I do have to say that I've never liked Nickelback because as my hubby would say, their songs are "whinny", but this parody just works out so well with that voice!

So, yes I have posted photos of my breakfast, my animals and even clouds, but I've never been a big fan of those bathroom self portraits, so of that I am not guilty and proud of it!

Well, hoping everybody has a great weekend and if so, don't hesitate to document it all via Instagram, LOL!

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Strikes Back

Hello All!

I woke up this morning, look out my window and realized it's Thursday again, which means tomorrow is Friday (yey for that!) but mainly it's throwback time.

Now, being that we are in January and the U.S. Football Season is at a very crucial point ( I think something called "playoffs"- not sure cause I don't know much about it!), also it means that the Super Bowl is just around the corner, I've decided to share a "commercial" throwback that was aired last year during the Super Bowl

And although the very first commercial of "The Force" is pretty good, I like this one better because of... guess what? The doggie... I am just a sucker for animals and this dog I just LOOVE!

So without further a due... here it is!

Isn't it awesome? Now, feel like sharing something from your past and send us on a Throwback? Please link below...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

when Strong is your only choice

Although there's always at least 2 sides of a story and in some cases even more than one, the whole story deal with the Lance Armstrong's doping past, to me is just getting freaking outta control.

Give the man a break already!

From my point of view it is just too much and too unnecessary to put a person through all of this after they have already accepted responsibility on an error they committed and they are paying their dues in money, shame and personal rendition.

I was never an official fan of Mr. Armstrong when he was at "the top of the mountain", I do remember hearing about him winning his first Tour of France, then the second, and the third and the rest... until he reached an amazing record of 7 winnings.
photo source
Well, yes, he perhaps had some extra help by doping, but that doesn't take out the fact that he trained and was on his bike for many hours everyday, giving it all he got and more.

Now, the part that bothers me the most is; if he only had won the Tour 1 time and they found he was using "enhancements" is one thing, but where was the Anti-Doping agency for 7 freaking years while he was winning, over and over and over again?!?

Why now, why after so long they have to come with all their force and "crucify" him as if he was the only one man and athlete on the planet that ever used enhancement drugs to get the most out of his performance?!?

I do know he denied the allegations for a long time, but then he also said he wasn't the only one on his team that was doing it, so why aren't the rest of those athletes included in this "witch hunt", just because they didn't win the race they are exempt from the responsibility of using enhancers?

And as we speak many others athletes from different sport are using enhancement drugs and not being "hunt down" for it. Why is he?

This is all a freaky show of power and greed, leave the man alone, he has all been through cancer, 7 Tour de France and now this...

The world needs to start concentrating more in helping those in need and not boycotting those that have had a good positive life and have tried to make a difference (like in the case of Mr. Armstrong's "Livestrong" Cancer foundation)...

Just sayin'... I support Mr. Armstrong, because he is Human and like him we can make and perhaps made our share or mistakes and the best way to pay somebody is with forgiveness and kindness.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[random] 10 on Tuesday

Hello All! It's Tuesday already, one whole day of the week officially done with, but don't get too comfy, there's already a whole bunch more coming our way.

Any-who... Today I am linking back for another edition of 10 on Tuesday with Lin and Amber.

Now, my version today comes with a twist, I am going to feature some of my latest random finds on the internet- all 10 of them, starting with:

Health Match = you makes your own calculations and decide what to add and what to subtract, right?

This simply cracks me up!, specially because I had to double take the very first time I saw it, well, mainly because I didn't see her at all!!!

Can you see her? The Irish girl? Even a friend of mine who is Irish had a blast with this!

As most of my readers know, I really like cats, in fact I love them. But lately I am absolutely and simply infatuated with all things grumpy cat. I just find every single one of the Meme's around...


Specially this one...

I am pretty sure that if someone has internet, and access to Google, this applies... 
It surely does to me at times, LOL!

When it comes to food portions, my husband is pretty peculiar about his sizing, specially when we are talking cake or pizza (among others), so this would totally apply to him!

Isn't this the cutest memory stick family you've even seen? 

Say, WHAT?

... No comments!

Looooove Betty White, wished she was my Grandma... although both my Grandma's were pretty cool too, but not nearly as funny as Betty!

Now, this is funny... sad, but true in some cases!

Now, feel like sharing in the fun and link back to Lin or Amber? Just click on their names above and share your own 10 on Tuesday... or cookie!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Insta- Monday!

It was a "blink" kind of a weekend for me, meaning way to fast but I did get around to do some of the things I wanted, so that was good!

I am happy to report that on Friday LT's appointment a the Vet went really well! He behaved like a real gentleman or should I say gentlecat? LOL!

LT, NOT so happy on the way to the Vet

The Vet said he has some issues with fleas but nothing too bad for an outdoor cat, he put on a shot on him to help him with the itching and also gave him "Revolution" to help with the infestation, same for all the other 6 cats... My pocket wasn't very happy $$$ wise but, oh well, they are all worth it!

On Saturday we went to run some errands and we stopped at my favorite nursery on the island to buy some bougainvilleas for our yard. I took some photos via Instagram so I am sharing those today.

I apologize in advance to those that do follow me via Instagram or Facebook for the repeat material, and those who don't, hope you like my photos.


Other than some rain yesterday, the weekend was a good one overall. got to finish my second book of the year so I am on my way to my 30 books a year challenge, woo-hoo!

Happy Monday and weekend ahead!


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