Wednesday, March 16, 2011

about sports

Today's photo challenge is about posting a picture of your favorite sport or athlete. Well, I don't think I have a favorite athlete and when it comes to think about a favorite sports there are a few points of view to consider.

When I think of a favorite sport, is it one that I like to watch on tv or live? Or maybe is one that I like to participate on?

I've always liked football (aka soccer) but I've only played in high school and I sucked at it, still it's a sport I really enjoy watching on tv and specially when the World Cup comes every 4 years.

A few years back I learned how to surf and it's an awesome sport, one of the most amazing exercises ever and I believe I was in the best of shape ever when I used to practice it...

But then I've always enjoy watching ice skating and gymnastics, but I have never practice any of the two.

So, for this particular challenge I've decided to post a picture of a sport that I like and that I practice (well, at least used to, when my lower back wasn't in such bad shape), hope to practice more of it in the future... Scuba Diving!!!

Yes, that is me in the picture, taken by my boyfriend back then... now my amazing husband!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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