Thursday, July 9, 2009

Diving dejavu

From the first time you start diving, the first times you are on the water you are really only thinking about; your gear, making sure that you have plenty of air, that you are equalizing well and mostly that you are not going to drown!

Then when time goes by, the more you dive, the most confident you feel about it, then you finally look around and really enjoy your environment, the fish, the scenery, etc....

After that and specially after you are able to control your buoyancy well enough, you start to explore and actually look around for stuff and maybe even get to the point of getting and underwater camera and start snapping pictures.

Well, I've being through all those stages through my year as an open circuit diver.

But now, I am starting to be a different kind of diver, a technical diver with a completely different equipment and different things to learn.

So, here I am back at the point where I started... meaning, right not I'm mostly only conscious about my gear, making sure everything works, trying to control my buoyancy and trying not to worry...

On yesterday's dive, at the beginning I was really only focusing on those aspects of it, until I saw my favorite fish (which by the way I haven't seen one of them in over a year of diving at least once a week)... then I relaxed, took a deep breath and realized that if my equipment is in good shape and I'm doing things correct, then there's nothing to worry about and enjoy the dive.

Here's an old picture of my favorite fish, a Spotted Drum. (Of course it is an older as I don't carry a camera yet on this new type of diving... as they say here on the island, "soon come").

juvenile Spotted Drum

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