Saturday, July 4, 2009

On my way to be a CCR Diver

I've been certified as an Open Circuit (regular) scuba diver for more than 10 yrs now, been diving in many places around the world and now that I live in the Cayman islands I dive quite frequently.

In 2005 a met a wonderful man whom I felt in love with and from the first day we met and started talking about our hobbies we came to found out we both loved scuba diving, but in his case he was a more experienced diver than me and also a technical diver, meaning he dives Close Circuit Rebreathers.

So, since I've together with this man, he always had the idea that he wanted me to learn that type of diving so we can both go together and dive on the same system.

Well, few years past, we got married and just a few weeks ago he finally bought me an Evolution Rebreather to get me into it...

I will not really going to get into the details of this type of diving (yet!)!

Today I started my CCR certifications and all I have to say so far is that I have a lot to learn, it is very technical and very different than regular open circuit scuba diving, but I'm happy and hopefully once I learn it and get used to it I will be diving it lots.

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