Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home is where the heart is...

Today I'm thinking a lot about this expression, about what it means to me and how much its meaning has changed in the past few years.

I guess the reason why this comes to my mind lately is because of my near trip back to Costa Rica which is my hometown, the place where I was born at and the place where I have spend most of my life, so I'm pretty certain that is where my heart was, for many years.

But now, after leaving away from "home" for more than 4 years, finding the man of dreams a.k.a my husband and having a house together, I am sure this is where my heart is now...

Then what should I say when talking about my trip? Am I going back "home", even though home is where I am right now in Grand Cayman? I guess I'm going to say, I'm going back to my home country? Yes, that sounds about right...

And in other matters of the heart I had to share the wonderful story of the heart puppies that I saw on the internet a couple of days ago (in case you missed it).

This is the story of a dog in Japan that has a heart shaped spot on her side, well she had puppies a few days ago and one the puppies of the litter came out just like her mother....

Isn't adorable????

Now, this dog will always know where his heart is, right??? LOL

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