Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Movie Post

Lately I've missed reviewing a movie that I've watched and posting about it on my Wednesday Movie Post, but today I'm back on track with the movie " I LOVE YOU MAN".
This movie is sort of a "romantic" comedy about a couple that is getting married but the guy is kind of a loner that has pretty much always being in a relationship so because of this he doesnt have many close male friends (a.k.a buddies). So in order to find himself a Best Man for his wedding he decided to start a "friend hunting" and even go on man dates for it.
I found this movie to be quite entertaining, maybe it's not a LOL movie all the way, but it's got a different subject with some pretty funny stuff.
I guess another reason why I liked this movie is because I can sort of relate to it in a personal way. Let me explain how.
When I first moved from Cayman Brac (another of the Cayman Islands and much, much smaller- where I had tons of friends) to Grand Cayman I pretty much only knew Mark (my husband now) and for many, many months he kept insisting that I needed girlfriends and in a way he kind of wanted to "set me up" with some his co-workers and friends, but to me a friendship needs to be something that comes natural, from the interaction with one another, it takes time to get to know people and even though sometimes you feel like you "click" with people immediately it's definitely not something that you want to force, right?
So, yes this movie reminded me of that time and honestly I still don't have that many close friends here in Grand Cayman but I do have plenty back in CR and other parts of the world and this past two weeks I made up for lost time with them, and I can say that it was like time never passed, FRIENDS RULE!!!
HAPPY 09-09-09!!!

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Paul Rudd is soo cute! I remember him from back in the days in Clueless!

Yes, friends definetly rule!

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