Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Married...

Well, it's Monday and yesterday the wedding was fantastic, the couple looked amazing and the setting was just breathtaking...

Jason ready and waiting for his wife to be...

Vick, her dad, bridesmaids and Abbey the beautiful flower girl

Just picture; sandy white beach, with little Owen Island in the background, sunny and hot but with very dramatic rain clouds all over on the horizon.

Love is in the air...

"I pronounce you Husband & Wife"

Mr. & Mrs. Belport

Just Married...

After the ceremony even though it rained pretty hard after about an hour it cleared up very nicely and then it was very cool...

best looking couple at the party!

reception time

fireworks to celebrate!

Now we should be heading back to reality and get on the 8:20 flight, but then this morning we woke up and to our surprise it is all cloudy and rainy so now the flight is delayed for at least an hour.

So this is why I say this is the true Sister Islands experience because these islands are connected to Grand Cayman through twin otter planes (small 16-20 passenger planes) so just a little change on the weather and the wind can really affect the planes.

Now we are stuck and while writing this I got a call from the airline asking us if we have any connecting flight and since we live in Grand Cayman and we are not connecting, they asked us to give up our seats to people that are connecting... So maybe by 12 o'clock we should be heading back to, hopefully the weather will improve by then, cause I don't like flying those little planes with lots of wind and bad weather...

Have a great week!!!!

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It is my dream to get married near the seashore!! But a beautiful seashore like that of course! But I probably never will! lol

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