Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busiest Week

My blog title today pretty much covers it all, this have been my busiest week in quite some time, I guess it's right up there with the week of my marriage, but still even more tired than that time because right now I'm pretty much on my feet all day long, during my weeding week lost of the time it was all fun and good times.

Anyway, I really can't complain, the Fort Lauderdale Boat show is going good and sales are getting better every day, on the second day (Friday) I even sold an original painting (the first one sold at this years show), so I'm very happy cause that's pretty much what I came to do...

Now, the Boat Show has being a wonderful experience in all, working such a huge event and meeting a lot of people that would be great connections for work is excellent, but also seeing what the whole fishing industry is all about as well.

On Thursday afternoon as it was the first day of the show and it wasn't very busy, me and my husband went for a walk around part of the show (and I say part cause it's so big it's impossible to see it in one afternoon)... First walk inside some of the tents that sell fishing products, dock lighting, fishing apparel and more. But then we walk outside where the fun stuff starts, meaning the boat, sailboats and finally the MEGA yachts.

All I can say about the mega yachts is WOW!!! We saw some the biggest most luxurious yachts that are for sale, some of the standard (used) ones are about 160' feet, with at least 3 main rooms + crew, they come with a little boat to get to land and the nicest one we saw call "Mine Games" comes with its very own submarine for two and a helicopter that seats 4 people, how about that, most prices start at 5 million usd.

Yeah, pretty amazing, and that's just the used part of the show, then you can visit a tent that have all of the manufactures that offer the custom made mega yachts that offer to make you own yacht, your own way, I don't even bother wondering what kind of a price those have... But it's all relative you know, what could be very expensive for me could be very cheap for you, well, most of those boat I saw were sadly very expensive for me, LOL!

Anyway, here are some highlights of the show, enjoy....

small boats

big yachts

big yachts

sub for two at mine games

my favorite one, Mine Games!

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Wow, gorgeous! You sure have been busy! Glad you got to see a lot of awesome things! :) Have a great Sunday!

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