Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belated Wed. Movie Post

Last night we went to the theater to watch the film Avatar.

This movie is an epic journey into a land of fantasy. Loved the effects (even if we didn't watch it in 3D), the colors, the amazing scenery and the fact that nature was all over, even the animals being such weird creatures were pretty astonishing as well.

The story, like many other about conquests, is a very predictable one, but there is definitely a lot of very strong messages in it.

Parts of the movie were unfortunately sad for me, as I couldn't help but see the reflection of us human killing other cultures and believes, but specially destroying the natural of order of things, being nature and the planet the one that pays the higher prize for our useless needs.

This is a good choice of movie to watch and I'm sure when I can get my hands on a DVD I will watch it again, so of course I give this movie

Have a great day!!!

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