Thursday, March 18, 2010

the luck of us animal lovers

Back in the year of 1988 and during a St. Patrick's Day I was particularly very lucky and blessed although I don't think it had anything to do with the Irish celebration, shamrock, leprechauns or drinking beer.

Instead on that day back in '88 I received a wonderful gift from nature, my first Dog, Ozzie.

Ozzie was an American cocker spaniel, the sweetest most loving dog anybody could ask for. His mom Candy was our neighbors dog and after years of nagging my mom about getting us a dog she finally answered: "well one day when Candy has puppies you can ask the neighbors for one" (she wasn't expecting that to really happen at all), a few years later in 1988 our wish came true.

Growing up I couldn't ask for a better dog, he was a very happy dog, active, super loyal and protective but never tried to harm anybody. He would go to our beach house and take a few hours ride in the car like a champ...

Before Ozzie became part of our family my mom and dad were not very fond of dogs, but just a few months later after we got him, they felt madly in love with him and they even put an old couch in their room so he could sleep there with them.

During the 16 yrs that Ozzie was with us, he always slept in their room, and during the day or morning when he wanted to sleep late, he will literally knock on my bedroom door for me to open and then he will come in and sleep with me...

His last years with us he was already blind but never lost his happiness and love for any of us, he would spend his last days sleeping and moving from one side to the other and by this time he had his own bed, so it was easy for him to find it.

I remember during those times when he was blind, sometimes he would have trouble getting to his food, his bed or just trying to get around the house, I would clip the leash on him and immediately he knew I was his eyes, his attitude would change completely as if he knew he could trust on me 100% to get him where he needed to go, I made me feel so good to be able to lend him my eyes- I miss him!

Ozzie Patrick (that was the second name I gave him because of the day he was born) died very quietly and peacefully in his sleep one morning in 2004. At the time I already lived away from home, but I was visiting about 3 months before he passed away, that's when I had a chance to say goodbye to him, last time I saw him, when I said good bye I whispered in his ear and reminded him how much I love him and what a great dog he is and how he will always be part of my heart...

And that's why every year in St. Patrick's Day I can't help but think of him, the years of happiness he brought to all of us, all of the wonderful experiences I shared with him, he made my life wonderful just by being there and I was able to hopefully make his a wonderful one as well...

So to me is not the luck of the Irish, but the luck of us animal lovers, to have this amazing bond with them, to open not only the doors of our house but the doors to our heart and soul, they are just amazing, the can teach us so much, we are definitely lucky to be part of this planet with them....

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

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Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am truly blessed to have my furry kids.
Hugs, andrea

God's Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a sweet story about Ozzie and lovely to hear of his trust in you being his eyes. And what a great way to celebreate St. Patrick's Day... the luck of us animal lovers. Yes, we TRULY are the luckiest people!! What a blessing it is to have animals in our lives.

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