Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

It's been a while since my last Wednesday Movie Post, so today's post is about a movie I just watched last night at the movies with a few girlfriends.

I guess this movie is like a guilty pleasure, the closest thing to a modern fairy tale; full of love, friendship, relationships, glamour and fashion.

I guess if there's such a thing as a mother ship of "chick flicks" this movie and part 1 would be it.

Even though this last one is the sequel, I have to say it is the perfect ending to a wonderful tv/movie series, and I am talking about not other than SEX AND THE CITY 2.

Anyway, if you've never watched the series and decide to get into it, just watch the two movies and you'll have an idea of what's all about, if you a woman there's got to be something that you can relate to in any of these movies or the tv series, I know I can relate to a lot.

So if you haven't seen any series episodes or the movies, do not think this is your average "desperate housewives" (full of envy, deceive, murders and all those horrible thing that do happen in that show!), of course there is crazy stuff that goes on (I mean c'mon the whole thing is based in a city like NY) but it also takes about the daily life and struggle of 4 girls to find love but not without their love and friendship for each other...

I really enjoyed both of this movies and specially the last one, I would recommend it to any girlfriend and to guys... mmmh, maybe not!

Happy Wednesday!

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