Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'll be jammin'

Today in the afternoon I am going to visit our neighbor, but not the one next door to our house, but more like next door to our island, I am going to the beautiful island of Jamaica!

This is sort of a last minute trip, didn't planned it until yesterday morning, when a good friend of mine called me to tell me that on Friday she has an appointment to get her American Visa at the US embassy in Kingston and because of the recent violence situation on the capital her boyfriend chicken out on her and told her he didn't want to go so she was going by herself, unbelievable right? What a nerve of that guy.

Anyway, she called me to ask me about a contact I have in Kingston that is taxi driver friend of a good friend of mine, to see if he was able to pick her up at the airport, drive her around and stuff... At this point I was kind of shocked to hear that her boyfriend was going to let her go by herself to a place that she has never been to before.

So I called my husband and asked him if it was o.k. with him if I go with her, help her get around and keep her company, I was there once before for about 3 weeks, so I have an idea of what is all about.

I have a good friend that lives in Kingston so I emailed him and now he knows we are coming, plus my boss and his wife are both from Kingston and I asked their opinion about security and they said that the whole violence thing in concentrated in just one area, what they show on the news is not necessary the reality (and I totally agree with that), so the both think it's pretty safe as long as we don't wander by ourselves and go near old Kingston downtown.

I am excited and hope we are going to have a great time, I am not taking my computer with me cause I just want to be extra careful and not take anything valuable other than my camera that is small and I can carry around.

It's going to be a short trip and I will be back on Sunday, promise some pictures and good stories to share, yeah mon'!

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