Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rainbow Dinner

Last night we had a "rainbow dinner" with as many colors as possible... well there's always room for improvement but I think we did pretty good this time.


image from healthtipswebsite.com


image from gourmentsleuth.com

image from thestrokefoundation.com
image from saltyspoon.com

image from soonwei.com
All the ingredients together (plus in our case last night some sirloin to mesh it all) in a delicious rice bowl stir fry.

I am not a vegetarian but I love veggies, so I consider myself a omnivore as I enjoy both, a good plate of greens as well as some red meat at times. Besides, to me a vegetarian is not the exact opposite of a carnivore as many people that eat meat also like and eat plenty of vegetables. I think that the key is to have a good balance and eat what your body absorbs and enjoys without over indulging, right?
So, in our case last night, our dinner was a healthy and beautiful way to fill up our bodies with vitamins, minerals and colors, yummy!

Happy Tuesday!

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