Wednesday, August 18, 2010

reality- check!

On my post yesterday I talked about going forward, about changing for the best when change is required but also remembering what's really important in life (God and family to me is on top of the list).

But there's all sort of ways to move forward and one fine example is the remarkable story about the Crafton Family that sailed the world all together as a family, they sailed 30,000 miles in 83 months (that's 7 years), exploring life at sea and in so many wonderfully remote (and not so remote) places.

picture from The Washington Post

If you would like to read their story click here. My favorite part of the whole article is when they talked about Vanuatu;

"Vanuatu, where the people owned the least and smiled the most, was one of their favorite (destinations). They stayed three months. "They are the happiest people in the world," Tom says. "It reinforced everything we believed about putting time with the family over this blind pursuit of material things." 

Vanuatu girl (image from

And that is probably one of the things I love the most about traveling, to see other people's realities of the world and realize that some times when we are completely immerse in our reality is just our own reality and what we make of it, when we feel our life is meaningless or too complicated, think about people living in the streets, in the middle of the jungle, or even trying to survive an abusive relationship...

So traveling, if you manage to open your soul to see others reality is a very good reality check- If you don't believe me, then you must really read the article about the Crafton family journey. 

I've always being a firm believer that you could be totally alone in a deserted island as well as on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in the middle of NY city (or any big city in the world). Our reality is what we make of it and our spirit it not filled up by money, we don't need a bank account to be happy, and although we need it to survive in society, we really don't need it to make the best out of our lives (if you don't believe me, just ask anybody in Vanuatu!).

But anyway, this is not really a self help or wisdom blog, it's just a place to pen down some ideas and random thought about anything that catches my heart.

Hope any of this catches your heart of at least your interest. Have a wonderful day!!!

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God's Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is SO true!! Haven't got the time this very moment to read the whole story of the Crafton family, but I once travelled on Bali where I encountered a tribe living in small huts and eating from leafs. They were the most beautiful people I've EVER seen. Their faces and smiles could lit up the entire planet and I was bolted over by how reconciled they appeared by their fate. There's such inspiration to find beyond the material world for sure!

Heart2Heart said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


So true that sometimes we need to be taken someplace far from our normal lives and see things from anothers eyes in order to see what is right in front of us but we have been blinded to see it.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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