Saturday, October 23, 2010

Numbers, numbers, numbers...

In high school I was never good at math, in fact I sucked at it. I pretty much struggled during the whole time to get good grades on the subject, so my Mom had a tutor for me one an off and I managed to pass every year, Thanks Mom!

Then I graduated, went to college (for something that wasn't at all related to numbers). Life went one and now when I think about the hard times I went through in high school trying to understand math and specially algebra, I realize now, I don't use about 95 percent of what I learned.... But numbers, those are still around, in everything, every day and at every hours.

We need numbers pretty much for anything; so you can read time, dial a telephone number, add up your money, (expenses or savings if any!), to use a computer, to pay for things at the store, to get paid the correct amount, to ask your boss for a raise... you name it.

Oh, but also you need numbers to keep track of your weight, yuck! Did I mentioned I've been on a diet for about a week and half? I've lost about 4 pounds so far and I will like to loose at least 6 more.

The main reason I want to loose the weight is because I gained it while on vacation in July (10 WHOLE pounds), plus if I am 10 pounds lighter everything fits me better and I feel better as well.

Haven't you notice that when you put on weight everything makes you tired? I hate that... It's even hard to breath.

The problem with me nowadays is that I cannot exercise, after I came back from Mexico in July I had some sort of back spasm that after a CT Scan it revealed that I have something called a Bulging Disk in my lower back, so I have been going to physio and finally now starting to do some exercises but nothing major.

So, because of this condition my numbers on the scale are taking even longer to go down and for the very first time in my life and I'm starting to reach back to math and actually keeping track of the calories I eat every day, hoping this method will help me loose the rest of the pounds. I am trying to eat balanced meals, healthy snacks and drink lots of water (I always do so don't have a problem with that)...

Oh! I am also replacing one cup of coffee a day with some green tea... Soon I'll be picture perfect!!!

SMILE, it's Saturday!!!!

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Joey Y said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hate it that I can gain extra weight so easily but it takes a decade to lose it back! I have to exercise and take care of my diet too to maintain the weight. Very tiring sometimes... Happy dieting and take care!

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