Thursday, January 13, 2011

social butterfly

All my life I've always been pretty social but I'm not sure if I really fall under the "social butterfly" cathegory.

Back home I always had my group of friends, we would go out pretty much every weekend, if not all together I always had somebody to hang out with.

I guess I could say I had a few years of pretty heavy partying, with late or should I say very early morning back to bed routines.

Still during my social/party years I also always liked quiet times as well. Spending time with my self or with a small intimate group. Also I've always been a pretty independent person that likes to do things on her own.

When I backpacked around Europe and the Middle East for a few months, I really got to know myself and to enjoy the company of "me, myself and I".... At times I would hook up with other people, travel with them for days or weeks and then at times it was again only me. No trouble about that whatsoever, I love my "me-time".

Now, I live in a very small island and since I move here my friend circle was reduce drastically. When I first met my now husband and we moved in together (couple of months after I move to the island), a big issue was the fact that he was the only person I knew around and I was super scared to make him the center of my world, so, I must admit it wasn't easy at the beginning and at times this (not having many friends) was a big issue for me.

At the time my husband kept on wanting to "hook me up" with some girls he worked with, and I kept on say I didn't wanted a "blind friendship date", that is just not me. To me a friendship needs to come natural and not something you go around "dating" for, LOL!

Anyway, years have passed and even though I am not as social as I used to be, I am happy about it, the way I see it, I've already had the chance to "be there, do that" and it's not such an important thing in my life anymore... I have a great life and a wonderful man that I can always hang out with!

Now, this weekend I have a friend from Canada coming to the island. We used to work together while we lived in Cayman Brac. She will be with her new husband and his kids, she emailed me saying she wants to see us, go out for a drink or dinner. The thing with her is that she is the kind of person that says she is going to call, but many times she's left us hanging and never shows up or calls, uugh, I hate that on people.

On the other hand I have a another event that same night, it's my friend Jen's Bachelorett Party/Night out, and that should be a lots of girl time and lots of fun.

I think it's funny how sometimes I can go weeks without any major event and now I have 2 the same night??? Not sure what to do? Wait around for Lauri to call this time and go out with them for dinner or drinks, or go to Jenn's thing? My husband says I should go to the bachelorette thing because it would be so much fun....

So, don't know what to do, but I have to make a decision soon!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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God's Little People said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"Me" time is utterly under rated - it's GREAT! The company of other people is great for warmth, exchange, reflection, giving and receiving and a thousand other things... but it's invaluable having me time for sorting thoughts, introspection, quiet time, meditation, creative time and so on. I find it very healing and regenerating.

Have fun whatever you decide - I'm sure your inner voice will guide you :-)

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