Saturday, May 7, 2011

Satisfy my Soul

Yesterday's concert of The Wailers was simply AWESOME. I danced and sang my heart and soul away.

Also I was wearing my Bob Marley- Satisfy My Soul T-shirt and they even played that song as well as my favorite Bob song of all time "Songs of Freedom"... so they made it even more special, at least for me.

Last night event proved, that even if Mr. Marley is long gone from this physical life, his music, lyrics and believes, still live in the hearts and soul of many people. Those of us that share and understand the realities of this world, of the human nature and how well he was able to express such much of those realities through his music.

Here's a little video I took yesterday while dancing- before you watch it I have to apologize that at time it moves a lot, it was I just couldn't help to move to the awesome music!

Here are also a few more pictures of the night...

our crew at the beginning of the night

my brother and sis in law

Us with Mr. Bob in the t-shirt

I wanna jammin' with you

Satisfy my soul

Irie Mon'
at the end of the night...
In other news... Today is Day 62 of my photo challenge and it calls for- A picture of the last place to traveled to.
The last place I traveled to was back in Feb. when I went to Miami to work the Boat Show as well as the Coconut Grove Art Festival.

Well, that's all for today... Have a great day!!!

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That was a really great show!

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