Friday, June 10, 2011

on Friday I went to...

Photo Challenge Day 96- A place you went today.

Well, it is Friday,  and as every Friday, I am working.

So, it is kind of obvious that today I am going to work and that's where I went today!

(although since the weekend is starting, hopefully I will be going to other much more interesting places, Ha!)

GH Gallery in George Town, Grand Cayman
Tomorrow we have some friends arriving on the island and although they are not staying with us, we are going to meet them at the airport and hope to hang out with them for a couple of days.

Monday is a holiday on the island as "we" celebrate the Queen Birthday, so it's a 3 whole days weekend for me, yay!

Exciting stuff to say the least!

On another exciting note, if you have been reading my blog for at least a day, you would have notice that I am almost done with my 100 day photo challenge.

So on the last day of the 100 DPC, besides celebrating that, I will be also celebrating my blog's 2nd anniversary, go figure! I have to say that this was not planned at all... it was just a very amazing coincidence that I believe is very special.

And because of this, I will be celebrating with ya'll with a super duper special giveaway that I will be announcing very, very soon... I believe it's going to most special giveaway yet to take place here (although only one giveaway has ever taken place before, LOL!)....

So, stay tuned!!!

On a last note, if you like blogs, coffee and meeting new exciting bloggers, make sure to grab a cuppa of Joe and link up with Coffee Talk at For the Love of Blogs.

Now, have yourself and wonderful weekend, filled with lots of sunshine, laughter happiness and more...!!!!

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Anna E said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Uuuh, sounds exciting with all those "coincidenses" on tuesday, cant wait to see what the give-away will be!! ;-D I like the odd way the picture is taken, gives a different angle to the gallery, which by the way looks quite nice and interesting. :-))

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Congrats on you blog anniversary, thanks for visiting my blog.

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