Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Food For Thought

Hello All!!!

Friday is finally here and to officially say goodbye to another week and [almost] another month, today I decided to share this beautiful "food for thought"...

If you hoard love, it melts away. 

If you lock love, it breaks free. 

If you grab on to love, you end up holding an illusion. 

But when you let love flower in its own way, it stays to support you.  

And when you pass along love, it multiplies beyond measure.

Today the weather is dark, rainy and yucky all over, but at least it's Friday and even if it rains all weekend I am ready for some much deserved rest, specially cause I am still fighting a weird infected on the left side of my head/ear area, so at this point I am on antibiotics, yuck!

Anyway, here's hoping that everybody has a lovely weekend and that loves multiplies all around you!!!

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