Wednesday, October 3, 2012

think before you talk (or write)

Whatever happened to;

Respect to others and their choices?

Accepting others like they are our own brother' and sisters?

Not judging others in their decisions because nobody knows what anybody is going through other than ourselves?

Loving thy neighbor as ourselves?

Well, in this crazy world all those values are probably mostly sleep, forgotten or worst case lost, but that doesn't mean we can reach inside our souls and wake them up, find them in the little back corner or even regain new ones.

Today I want to share a video that you have probably seen or heard of, that talks about many of the values that I mentioned above, so if you have about 4 minutes, please watch it!

If you watched it, tell me what do you think?

I am happy that she was brave enough to stand up for herself and specially had the support from family, friends and even viewers...

But to the man that email her, what is up with him? Doesn't he have anything better to do than to question other people about their life and their choices, making them feel bad... And by the way, what did he accomplish with that email other than trying to hurt the lady?

Anyway, just wanted to share with you as she also mentioned that October is "Anti-Bullying" Month!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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The man who emailed her is an A - Hole

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